Long Servicing Schedule


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Sep 1, 2019
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I've got the Long/Dynamic servicing schedule.
My first Oil Change is due in 63 days, car will be about a year old ,so generally sounds about right.
My Inspection is due in 217 days, as it stands that would be 154 days after my oil change, that doesn't sound right.
When my Oil Change is done, does this affect the Inspection schedule, or does this sound about what is expected? I got 2 free services with my car, so was hoping that would last 2 years!
My main dealer just alternates between oil change and inspection service based on long life and then adds on the other relevant bits as needed. 4 years and 50 000 miles of commuting later and no issues.
So when I've had my oil change, I should expect my inspection date to jump by approximately a year? So it wont be the case I have my oil change and then inspection 150 days later.
I have the two free services too, and did with the last one also. I believe it entitles you to one main service and one interim/inspection service. The intervals are a maximum of 2 years or 19K miles whichever occurs first on the flexible one. So I think you will have your oil change and the interval will be reset according to the flexible schedule.

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