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Jul 26, 2020
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Thought I'd make this thread for us all to share our car stories! Be them good or bad.
Anything from close encounters, road trips, accidents, stuff you've witnessed on the roads. breakdowns. I'd love to hear your stories.

I'd like to start us off with a close encounter that has haunted me:

I love cars and driving and I've always taken pride in trying to be a good driver. In 12 years of driving I've had no claims or accidents. Although I came very close to having an incident with a motorbike that has haunted me ever since.

I was at a junction waiting for a gap to to turn right.
Seeing what appeared to be the last oncoming vehicle approaching from the left with a huge gap behind them. My focus turned towards if there was a gap from the right. Seeing an opportunity approaching, glancing left and right, left and right all the while. As I began emerging onto the junction as the last car from the left passed me. In this split second, a hidden motorbike behind the car from the left had now become perfectly obscured behind my passengers A pillar. I honestly never saw him at all. Not until he was stopped in front of me, with me half across a junction, dash cam strapped to his head waving obscenities and abuse at me. I had watched that traffic come down that road for a good few hundred yards and probably looked left more than 10 times during all of this. Yet I never saw him. It was like a glitch in the matrix. As they say. "He just came out of nowhere".

I'm really sorry motorbike man.
I've replayed it over and over in my head like a nightmare.
For whatever it's worth. It's been a harsh reminder to be extra vigilant at junctions and restored "Think bike!" to forefront of my thoughts whilst driving.
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If the biker was really close to the car then you maybe wouldn't see it unless he had lights on .
Don't stress over it .
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I was in the passenger seat for this one but.....

Driving along a dual carriageway 60-70 mph.

Peugeot 308 pulled out of side road on the left to cross dual carriageway and use gap in central reservation to ultimately ‘go right’

Clearly didn’t see us and no time to react.

We took a good chunk of the front off the Peugeot and were launched over the top of the Armco central reservation bursting both front tyres on landing on fast lane of opposite direction dual carriageway. I remember shouting “Get out” twice when car came to a stop.

Everyone (including Peugeot driver) walked away with only aches and pains but if we weren’t in a cabrio with strengthened sides I dread to think of my injuries. Credit to Renault on than one.

To this day I don’t know how I managed to remember the highway code hand signal for ‘slow down’ as I walked up the ‘wrong side’ of dual carriageway central reservation to warn oncoming traffic, only to be met with horn beeps of oncoming traffic shortly followed during by screech of brakes when they came across stationary and broken car facing the wrong way.

On the plus side, no contest from insurance company that other driver at fault.
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