Rs3 style grill help

Looks right, just message the seller to confirm first as that way if it doesn’t fit you can say ‘you told me if would fit’ and you’ll definitely get a refund.

It’s so easy, get the car up on axle stands with wheels off, undo the undertray, then the front half of the wheel arch liners, then there’s 2 really awkward 10mm screws (one on each side) that are pointing the same way as the headlights, (these pull the bumper to the wing from the front corners, to give you an idea of where they are) you’ll need to sit in the wheel arch to get them, then two more screws where the bumper joins the wheel arch. Then just 3 screws on the top of the grille (open the bonnet and you can’t miss them).

Then there’s about 11 screws holding the grille onto the bumper, then do that back in reverse.

It’s very self explanatory once you’ve got it up in the air and make sure you don’t do it in darkness because it’ll just frustrate you when you can’t see...
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Defo check that the rs3 grille fits your s-line cause a lot say they do and they dont be advised