Steering wheel wobble


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Mar 5, 2014
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Hi all,

Driving my 178k 2001 S3 today and noticed on hard acceleration my steering wheel wobbled. I've not hit anything or done any work recently.

When I got home and parked I could wobble the steering wheel.

Steering and handling seem fine and there is no knocks or vibrations

Hope this makes sense has this happened to anyone else? Or does anyone know what I should check?


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Hi mate. I deemed steering column wobble on my one, that it seems a notorius problem on S3 8L. In addition, I suppose you just checked your ride's suspension bushes/rubber, because you just specified about no knocks or vibrations.
Mine turned out to be a loose steering wheel The wheel was moving but the column wasn't. Took off the airbag and tightened the wheel and all good now.
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Did you deem that the screw was very loose when you tighten it?
Yes , could turn it with my finger. I think it is a M12 spline bit to tighten it. I used a pair of grips to temporarily tighten until I got the M12 off a friend.
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Is the airbag take off process easy and safe? I would like to test my wheel scew as well. Thank you.
Yes it's easy and safe. You can disconnect battery first.

The airbag is only held on with two torque screws on back of steering wheel. They don't come all the way out. Just be carefull as there is a cable clip attached to airbag.

If you search YouTube for A3 8L steering wheel removal you'll find a few videos that will take you step by step through removing wheel.

Hope it's the same fault as mine as it's an easy fix
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Thank you again.

I find out this very useful video (M12 screw moment is at 1.54 min.):


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