Steering wheel wobble after fitting spacers


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Oct 22, 2008
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Sunny Suffolk
Hi all

Been an admirer for a while, what can i say, what a brilliant site this is! id trust you guys over the local audi dealer anyday!

So, my first real post on here, got a bonus from the boss last week and as usual it was buring a hole in my pocket so after trawling this forum i decided to give Damien a call at DPM.

Treated myself to the KW shocks+springs kit and adjustable tie bars as the last owner had lowered it on OEM shocks and the ride was awful!

Also got the 15/20mm H&R spacers, fitted it all yesterday and boy what an improvement! only thing now is anyhting over about 70mph and the steering wheel wobbles like a b**tard!?

Any ideas guys???:eyebrows:
Cheers Daz
(2001 S3)
Have you had a four wheel allignment ?
Not yet, haven't fitted the tie bars yet (hopefully get done during the week), was gonna do after, save paying twice.

Is it safe enough to drive for a while?
yes but you'll get adverse tyre wear and not have the best of grip also I wouldn't go far or fast whilst your waiting to get it done.
i took it for a spin after fitting the new shocks before i put the spacers on and didn't get any wobble?

I suppose ill have to get it tracked and see what happens
you have to have it set even if you do not have a wobble,check your steering wheel and see how level it is when your going on a straight piece of road.
Might of done this but did you put the bolts on right, tightening them oppositly rather than in a clockwise way, could be that the wheel hasn't sat flush with the hub
My money would be on rust/ corrosion behind the front spacers..
I have very rarely seen wheel wobble from poor wheel alignment.
thanks for all your suggestions guys, i tightened the bolts in opposite order but i didn't clean the hubs? before fitting the spacers, ill take the wheels off and get my wire brush out!

Ill keep you posted.
sounds like they need cleaning , you can get the same problems if you fit new discs and dont clean up the mating surfaces,
Sorted, took the wheels off and cleaned both surfaces with brake cleaner and wire brushed the hub.

Just need to fit the tie bars and get it aligned now.

Thanks for all your help fellas.
thats very interesting, why does a dirty mating surface cause steering wheel vibration ?

I used to get steering wheel vibration with my spacers on as well.
If all surfaces: hub/disc/spacer/wheel flange arnt mated propperly, it will cause one or more of them to run out of line.
Giving similar symptoms to unbalanced wheels.