Advice needed for tuning my S3 8L

The coating?

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good thread:sign wow: i'm on a rebuild job right now. I'm working my nads off to pay for the parts & get the work done. So far its mot 1st:sign imnew: then the blocks coming out and getting it reconed with new pistons and rings. While it's out i'm going after market con rods and valves (probably bills & DM forged). Then custom built 3 inch down pipe into sport cat. After its a hybrid ko3/ko4 and usual stage 2 extras.

Any recommendations on rods and valves would be welcomed:welcome!: [let's keep it on topic]
Hi guys I have no idea in cars or tuning just bought Audi s3 8 l Quatro and wanted some advice if my car has had a stage 1/2/3 remap here’s the details of what’s been done by previous owners

Audi s3 2001
165,000 miles
Built engine
Amk engine
Bosch 630cc injectors
Full 3” stainless
Custom stainless ext mani
3” intake tip
N/a inlet cam
Forged rods
Running around 300 BJP
running 12.6 Afr very safe
Lowered on eibich springs
Drilled and grooved front rear discs
Yellow stuffed pads
Braided brake hoses
Tinted windows
Ext temp gauge
Boost gauge
Afr gauge
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