Front fender rust and corrosion warranty


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Dec 17, 2015
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Hey guys, I had my B8 Avant in at Audi last week to get the ECU sorted due to the emissions scandal and I thought I would ask them to have a look at both front fenders as I noticed a couple of month ago they have started to bubble up and rust around the arch area and it's getting worse. When I picked up the car they said they had sent pictures away to get checked if am covered under warranty and they they will get back to me next week.

I had a phone call yesterday from Audi and they said good news your front fenders are covered under warranty and they will fit bran new front fenders and paint them but I will have to pay 30 percent of the repair cost and as a good will gesture Audi will cough up for the other 70 percent. My contribution will cost me 485 pounds!! That sounds like am paying a lot more than 30 percent! Anyone else had issues or managed to get the front fenders repaired without paying anything?

I had to pay 30 percent to get my roof resprayed where it had rusted on my 8L, there is a massive thread on that section about this corrosion warranty, most people still end up with quite large bills despite audis "contribution"
Just maybe to indicate where Audi's costs come from, I did what I deemed was the right thing after I rubbed a temporary "roadworks" on an extremely tight bit of highland road - really reversing to help out a BWM X5 that was probably a city city crapping himself, I got quotes to fix it without insurance help! That always attracts extra costs it seems! Proper local Audi dealer with their paint shop over 30 miles away over £2500 - this was just of dressing up a few light scratches and blending in the complete side of the car. My local Audi approved but not fully Audi compliant due lack of aluminium "ability" was just over £1200. The parts the Audi dealer was claiming for was extensive, new fuel flap, new blade, new mirror housing and new badges, all these needed replacing due to the side being resprayed and not actual damage! BTW, this repair was being certified and added to Audi's list of work carried out on that car, so no cheapy job, just cheaper job. Neither job included car loan etc.
Cheers for your reply's, I spoke with them yesterday and there not budging on the price as they said the quote was from Audi HQ. I spoke with a good body shop and he is quoting 500 to repair both wings so am better off using Audi. So looks like am just gonna have to bite the bullet and cough up.
supprising seems as though its under paint warranty, i had my whole boot replaced FOC under the rust warranty
supprising seems as though its under paint warranty, i had my whole boot replaced FOC under the rust warranty

I think you got away with your boot as the rust would have come from the inside out where as mine has been caused by stones from the road which has then cause the corrosion. I tried to argue it was a bad design as the newer models have a stone chip protector but still no success.