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  • Good stuff mate. I'm just back from 6 months away with work so getting back on top of the car. Fitted an RS4 Grille and 19" rotors. I've started detailing myself in my spare time. Spent a fortune getting all the gear but I've mastered it now. Just need to get round to doing my own car now.
    Mine is just simply awsome. I went from a standard of just short of 250 I think it was. Which is extremely high for a standard car to 297.8. I love it. No issues. Just have to run on the higher octane fuel. (but only as I feel it makes it better).
    Hi mate,

    Audi Dynamik passed me your details.
    he says u also got a Dynamik and have REVO it from 200bhp to 300bhp with any additional mods.

    I am thinking about it too.
    i am looking to buy a A4 2.0T quattro tipronic.
    not sure how much insurance increase.
    but once i am happy with insurance, then i want 300bhp too! :)

    can i ask how is it with yours so far?
    any probs?

    Hi mate!
    Do you know a good bodyshop in Elgin? I need to get the holes in the boot filled where the number plate used to be.
    I hate you!!!! I ended up going to AMDetails and spending £120!!! lol
    Alan was great and showed me some great techniques. I did say you recommended him so make sure he gives you a discount next time! ha ha
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