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Oct 16, 2006
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I have no CD changer in my boot but I want to put one in.

People recommend the sony mp3 changer or the phatnoise one - is this because it already fits the brackets for the standard audi one?
If so then am i right in thinking that I could buy any CD changer i wanted (plus the cable) since I don't have a changer installed at the moment?

Does this also apply to different phatnoise boxes (e.g the one for VW)?
i think you need an interface to fit the standard 12 pin cable to other brand cd changers. you can fin them on ebay.

btw, whats a phatnoise box, i keep reading about it, but don't konw what it is?
Check in the lefthand cubbyhole you may actually have the CD bus cable installed. Some were prewired even if the changer wasn't added. It's right at the back/front of the cubbyhole, towards the front of the car past the rear seatbelt reel.
Just had a look and couldn't find any wire that wasn't connected.

I was suprised to see a sub there though, I had no idea it was there!
It's a black connector clipped to the bodywork with a white clip, shown below with the trim removed:
Ive a std changer mate sitting doing nothing.
I've had a good look to see if the cable is there and I can't find it, although visability is terrible as i can't see past whatever is behind the sub, and all the cables have things plugged into them, so they cannot be the changer cable.

In short, i'm not going to be able to find out unless I remove the side plate.

Could I just pull out the head unit to see if there is a changer cable plugged into the back, then presume there is a cable somewhere that I just can't see in the boot?!

Also, if I do not have a cable does that mean that I could buy a VW phatnoise box with an appropriate cable and that will work?
How old is ur car? Stupidly enough some of the earlier A3's are prewired for the changer even though the original headunit has no support for one - i.e mine, which has the cabling there but my headunit cant control a changer. So bear that in mind if you pull out the headunit and see the blue changer cable - check the back of the headunit to make sure the pins exist
2001. I think my HU can control a changer (as it has the buttons for it). Will have to pull the thing out and have a look tomorrow.
What will the cable look like coming out of my HU? A blue one?
the cable may or may not be there, and may or may not be connected..... lol

the end has a small light blue plug, and sits next to a yellow connector, and one other that i cant remember the colour, red maybe - the three are held together. It should be pretty obvious if you pull the HU out
All Audi HU's can support a changer, if the cable is in the cubbyhole then it's prewired for a changer. If it isn't then you need both the changer and the CD bus cable. You still need the standard CD bus cable even if you decide to go phatnoise or aftermarket as both solutions plug into the standard 10/13 pin bus cable in the boot. You can't just fit any changer, as it has to be compatible with the bus that Audi/Panasonic use. Adapters are available for some aftermarket changers but they can be £30-£50. Best to go for a package solution like the Sony for about £160 which will give you mp3 CD support as well as the adapter to plug into the Audi bus.
If you're not bothered about mp3 CD's then get an original Audi changer off ebay for about £80.

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