3.0 tdi stalling


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I need help. My 3.0 TDI stalls when idling and when coming to a stop at intersections. VAGCOM reported fuel pressure problems but I am not sure what the code was. An independent Audi specialist checked pressure regulator, filter and pump, no problems there. He does not know what the fault is.

I also noticed hunting rpm at about 1100rpm. The stalling only seems to occur after engine is at normal temperature. rpm dips once and then stalls. Is really frustrating.
Please help if you can.

Audi A6 TDI

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Hi There

I have exactly the same problem. I agree it is really frustrating and have no idea what to do.
Somebody please help.

Cockney Boy

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Did he change the fuel filter? and its worth putting some injector cleaner in your tank. Even better if you change your filter, fill it up with injector cleaner as the engine will run quite happily on that until the fuel comes through

Audi A6 TDI

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I did replace the fuel filter, but the problem is still there.
Something to mention is that the emmision light is also on.
Can the Cat be the problem?

Bjørn Roger Larsen

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Did you solve this?
I have almost the same problem on my 2008 q7 3.0tdi.
It stalls when it reaches operating temp.
New HP pump, regulator, filter and crankposition sensor ...