A6 3.0 TDI Quattro MPG


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Sep 2, 2009
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Hello, am thinking about buying an A6 3.0 TDI Quattro S-line; can any of you existing owners give me an idea of the mpg you're getting? Would really appreciate your input.
Hello hazey7,

I ahve now owned mine for a couple of months. The MPG has got better the longer I've owned it as I was a little heavy with my right foot when I first got behind the wheel.

If you push the car mainly doing town driving you should average between 24-28MPG. This generally works out to around 380-420miles to a tank.

More recently, with motorway driving keeping between 70/80 (occassionally a little quicker) I have average between 42-46MPG and managed to get around 570miles from the tank.

Hope that helps a little?
i would agree with that although not had chance for a decent run fully yet. manual or auto?
i know on mine if i dont use cruise or i drive using tiptronic rather than auto i can get better economy lol.
all i can say is it is a cracking engine as trundles happily but goes when needed.... gonna get it blufin'd soon so that may change the figures
My apologies, should have confirmed transmission for my previous post - Auto gearbox.
I've had my 3.0 TDi auto for just over 3 years. 36,000 miles and the trip computer overall average (not reset since new) is 33.6 mpg. On a motorway run which is my main driving I get between 38 and 43. I drive sensibly, have the A/C on and use cruise control.

I'm sure the newer models are slightly better but I can live with these mpg's because it's a big luxurious car...... and if you want it to GO - it does! :)

I think 33.6mpg average over 3 years is pretty good. Incidentally, I'm just coming upto my second variable service (but going to do the 40k items as well) and I've just put my second set Continental Sport Contact 3's on (255/35 /ZR19's). Again getting 18k out of a set is pretty good - I've heard of people only getting 9k - (ouch£££££)

I thought about changing it recently for an A5 Sportback...... but in the end I saw sence. A5 is also a great car but not greta enough for my A6 + £20k!

Thanks for you messages chaps, very useful. Yes, it would be an auto.

Has anyone had a 3.0 or a 2.7 remapped? Would be interested to know how they perform afterwards....
I had my 2.7 remapped by mark at Chips n Spin and before the re-map i was getting 36-38 and after the re-map i am now getting 38-42 average. but i also get an extra 60BHP and 100nM of Torque. The extra power certainly helps along with the better economy.
I've had my 3.0tdi since Oct 07 & most of my mileage is around town - cold starts / short trip / slow journey and I return approc 25/27mpg

However, when on a longer trip it does better [ not much ] say a round 200 mile trip 3 in the car - some luggage etc - belting along the motorway at a steady 80/90mph it'll still return 36/38 - never got it to nudge over into the 40+ yet though. Must be my heavy right foot!
Anyone remapped a 2.7tdi multitronic? I wondered how the 'supposed' dodgy multitronic box coped with the extra power?
how many litres is it to fill up on a 3.0tdi quattro avant when light comes on?

looking at a 535d, i see it is about 65litres from when light comes on and getting 420-500 miles seems to be the norm, how does the a6 compare
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