3.0 TDI Remap and Warranty


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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has remapped the 3.0 TDI engine. I want to do the APR Stage 1 remap but the ECU is locked and needs to be bench flashed, now I understand how the TD1 flag works normally but I'm a bit uncertain with bench flashed vehicles. Is the remap still automatically detected when the car is bench flashed and does the car need to be bench flashed again when flashing back to stock or does bench flashing unlock the ECU?


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As far as I know, if they connect the car to the servers in Germany, it will pick up the remap and flag it. Apparently some remaps will reset the counter but you would need to discuss this with the guys doing the remap. It would involve going back to stock before putting the car into the dealer and then installing the map again. One of the guys on another forum had his remapped and had an issue with his gearbox which was unrelated but Audi wouldn't touch it due to the remap. Think it cost about 6k to remedy.

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Doesn't matter if it's bench flashed or through OBD , will still show, only reason it's done on the bench as its tricore protected,


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i've done the ECU remap to my 3.0 tdi and everything is ok . If you do it by MTM they will take you're Audi warranty.