Audi A8 D3 tail lights


2010 Audi A8 D4 4.2 TDI
May 3, 2015
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recently I've got warning light saying my driver's side tail light stopped working. I checked and indeed it was off. On my way back home I've got message that now both tail lights are off! But when I stopped to check both were on but driver's side was flashing. The next day I did not get any warning messages, passenger side seems to we working OK but driver's side is still flashing. I went to Halfords to buy a bulb but was told it is LED lamp and I need to go to Audi garage to fix it.

So, do I really need to go to Audi or can be any garage? Is the LED part replaceable or need the whole lamp be replaced? I've seen some second hand ones on ebay for around £100. I hope it can be fixed cheaper then that....and advice? thanks