Just picked her up :-)


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Nov 13, 2015
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Well where to start. I had a 1.6 tdi A1 and tbh I was happy ish with it until the whole diesel emissions thing started. Then I started looking at other cars as all I could see in the future was hassle. It did not take me long to fancy an S1.

I was an ex demo sportback with not a huge amount of miles with quite a few exras inside and looks standard outside, to anyone who doesn't know better. It will not be everyone's cup of tea but I like the subtle external look that surprises the hell out of people.

I will take a few more pics when I have time over the weekend.



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That's a great looking car but did you honestly buy it as a reaction to the diesel scandal?
I was starting to want something with a bit more performance (I've had a clio trophy 182 in the past) but it definitely gave me a kick to start looking. I just thought if I could get a good deal on mine then it might be a good time to get something else.
Welcome to Audi-sport.net. What clue is the car? What extras did you get? Where you located? Enjoy the forum :) x
It's velvet purple. Not a colour that I had even thought about, or even seen till a few weeks ago tbh. It has Quattro interior pack, bose and the comfort pack.
I am in Sheffield.
shame no quattro exterior pack but great looking car , enjoy
I do like the exterior pack. I like the fact that it doesn't stand out, to people who don't know what it is, without it though.
Thank you, it looks different depending on the light. I will take some more pics, if it ever stops raining :) not sure which car colour palette it is actually from, seems quite rare on an s1 from a few internet searches.
Yes I love the colour too. In fact it's one of my choices of colour but wasn't going to drop £2k on it. I kind of wish I had and dropped the tech pack now, however.
It is a lot for a colour, not sure if I would have risked it just picking from a book. I do love it though.
If I was buying new I would have probably done the same thing, more gadgets and some £'s to spare.
I had a clip trophy 10 years ago mint car!
That's the sort of excuse I'd tell the wife!
I honestly couldn't give a to@# about the emissions scandal think it's more the press stirring it up don't think most vw owners couldn't care less.
Got a contact who works for vw it's made no difference to sales of new or second hand cars.
Good choice enjoy the motor.