Leaky tandem pump


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Oct 7, 2013
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Hi there, so 8k after replacing my cylinder head it appears that re-using the gasket for the tandem pump is now failing. I initially thought it was the rocker cover gasket causing a leak of oil but after replacing that and still getting drips on the drive it must be this. I could smell the diesel scent when I parked up and lifted the bonnet last night too.
Thankfully I have sourced a used pump for £25, and bought a new metal gasket for £8, lets hope this does the trick. Strangely the car still pulls fine, it's just making the rear of the engine and gearbox wet with an oil and diesel mixture.
On my friends 1.9tdi golf mk5, He had the same issue of oil leaking. Again like you thought it was rocker cover gasket/seal however caused the same leak.

After new tandem pump gasket all became well for him.

So I think changing the gasket for the tandem pump will cure your issue too.

Let us know how you get on.
Fixed! The lowest small lug was missing from my pump so I got another along with gasket and now the engine bay is oil and fuel free!

Next leak, rear diff... Possibly axle seals, hooray!
Those pressed steel tandem pump gaskets are really one time use only. You are lucky if you re use them and don't get a leak. Been there and done that.

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