Weird noise coming from wheels (S3)

Daniel Knight

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Jun 12, 2012
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On Friday my brand new S3 was delivered. Since then whenever I drive it slowly there is a strange sound coming from the front drivers side wheel (best guess) - the best way I can describe is a chain being dragged along the floor. I live in a pretty big residential area packed with speed bumps, hence the slow driving. Could this be the pads or disc bedding in or should I have it checked out?

Make sure your wheel nuts are tightened fully as this makes a noise similar to the one you're describing (I've experienced it myself) try this and see what happens, if this doesn't resolve the issue then you may need to look deeper.
Good luck
Definatly have a good look around the wheels on lock, could be transport stocks still in there somewhere too. Failing that my first thought was gravel in the caliper, that usually pops out eventually.
If it sounds like a few stones being rolled in a tin can, then it's the rattle from the rod in the engine. Mine has it, and lots of others do too!
... a chain being dragged along the floor... Could this be the pads or disc bedding in or should I have it checked out?

It could be the metallic rattle heard on quite a few S3s. Mine is 500 miles (collected a couple of weeks ago) and I noticed it like you, driving between speed bumps. To me it sounds like coffee beans being swirled around in a jar - slightly tinkly. One way to check is that if it goes away when you drop to neutral then its not your brakes.

See this thread about the rustle/rattle: