Weird noise coming from driver side wheel


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Nov 11, 2021
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Hi folks,

Posting here as i've had 0 luck/help from multiple garages, my driver side front wheel is making a weird noise when I turn the car hard left on the steering wheel, here's a link to the video I uploaded, you can hear it about the last 4 seconds of the video:

Worth nothing that i've had for the longest time a vibration/droning noise when the car goes like 50+ mph up until about 80mph then it kinda subsides/disappears. Multiple places have said wheel bearing but i've driven with this noise for a fair amount of miles and had the chassis/axles etc. all check out before. I also had all brakes/discs replaced, all tyres have now been replaced since I had the car as well and the noise still persists. I'm now wondering if it's related to this noise i'm hearing when turning hard left - worth pointing out as well that when I turn/steer left at speed (60/70) with the droning noise it kinda goes quieter, when turning/steering right it gets a fair bit louder and vibration via steering wheel.

Any help is appreciated, I was looking to sell the car soon but this has kinda been bugging me and since I just noticed the new noise in the video I pointed out i'm wondering if they are related.
Wheel bearing seems most likely culprit as the sound tends to alter depending upon the load applied.

Other than the steering rack and bushes, sounds like you‘ve changed everything else.

Good luck.