Rear Windows Noisy - Window Regulators?

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Apr 28, 2010
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So after picking up a 2010 A5 SB a couple of weeks ago I thought I would start trying to sort all the small niggles.

The first thing i've noticed is that the rear windows are a little noisy when opening and closing. After having to replace both window regulators on a 2000 plate VW Golf V6 4Motion and having no problems with my 2007 S3 I would've hoped that the regulator issues of old would be sorted. From reading a few posts it would appear that they could still be an issue. Would these rear windows being noisy be an indication that they are on their way out? Front windows sound fine.

I also noted that the offside rear window doesn't seem to shut quite as much as the nearside one. You can just make out the rounding of the top rear corner of the glass when shut on the offside window. But you can't see that point on the nearside one. Only a mm or 2 out. I've read about being able to adjust this via screws or about some calibration that can be done. Anyone shed any more light on that?