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Jan 25, 2014
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Hi chaps,

I've just picked up some RS4 style alloys for my a4 but they are in far from mint condition. I'm hoping to replace 2 of the linglong tyres for ultac sessanta and when I can replace the other 2 auto grips for the same.

Does anyone know of any good refurb places in Salisbury or Wiltshire? TWS want 360 quid to refurb the 4!seems a tad steep.

Cheers, Mark.

Ps. Any recommendations for colour for 19's on a red avant? I was thinking oem silver but open to suggestions with pics...
Snap! £360 is what I paid for my wheels to be refurb'd, the specialist said from £50 per wheel +vat, I was hoping for a cash deal but alas not to be :sadlike:

The wheels are like new now and add to the appearance and value of the car, so money well spent to be fair. I was told to avoid the 'smart' type, man in a van repair as it's not a true refurb and it would not be as good as a full on, strip back, repair, paint, lacquer & bake type refurb.
Get a price from site sponsor N8. I think anthracite be nice on your car. :) x
I managed to get my local tws down to £300 for 18's. I think its a good price considering their service, a top quality finish done in a day for minimal disruption with a 12 month guarantee. Not sure what your locals like but mine does amazing work!
Did they chase your online quote or did you ring them? Might be worth a phonecall and they can have them as a hospital job as im in no rush for them. I'll ring round a couple of local places in the mean time. Might just sling 2 new ultracs on them and run them scabby for a bit as im sure the mrs will destroy them in no time! haha
I just spoke to him via Facebook mate :) My local is quite active on there.
Thats crazy money, I paid £160 for 4x 18" S-Line's and one was kerbed to buggery

This was a proper engineering place too, they tested the wheel wasn't buckled, repaired the kerb rash and did a fantastic job on the powdercoating (last place I got them done was £200 and the powdercoating jetwashed off)
There is a place in Birmingham called City Powder Coatings, they charge £20 a rim without tyres, or £30 with, take about a week to do and they are not bad to be honest, I had a set done by them about 4 years ago and have just had them redone again.

I would recommend them and you will also make a good saving on them too, you could even send them with the old tyres on them and get them to chuck the new ones on at the same time, to save paying to have them removed/fitted twice.