Audi S3 8p Grills


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Feb 17, 2013
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Hi Guys! I am sure this has probably been asked before but i am having real difficulty finding what i am looking for so please redirect me if i am just repeating other peoples threads.

I currently drive an Audi S3 8p 2007 and am looking for a different grill from the standard chrome, what i have seen is the Audi RS6 grill conversion but really don't want to have to go down that route of hacking my S3 grill and an RS6 grill to make 1 grill as if it goes wrong then i would have blown around £800 :( i have looked on the usual web sites and ebay for an alternative or a replica honeycomb mesh grill and cant seem to find anything for the S3 only the A3 and the facelift models!

Can anyone tell me if they know if there is an after market grill that fits the S3 8P model for my year? I would prefer a honeycomb style but if one doesn't exist then maybe just a black optics style?

Hi mate, I thought there was an RS3 replica grill group buy active ...although it may have finished now. Have a search for "group buy" and see what turns up.
I'm looking to get a black optics grill for my s3 2007 to replace the standard chrome, I've checked eBay and im struggling to find one anywhere,
Anyone got any ideas?
The grills you talk about are only compatible with the facelift front bumper.
^ He's right, they are for mid 2008 onwards 8P's
This is my problem, everywhere i look all i can find is the grills for the A3 or Facelift models :( and from what i have read the A3 grill does not fit the S3?
For the pre-facelift? No it doesn't, the A3 grill is bigger than the S3 one on the pre-facelift I believe.

On the facelift model (mid 08 onwards) they are the same size
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So they never made an after market grill for the S3 8p pre facelift model? does audi actually sell a black optics grill for the S3?
Still not having any luck finding an alternative grille :(
I'm in the same position as my black grill surround is really chipped. Can't find one anywhere for an 07 S3, looks like it's just going to have to be a plastidip job.