New battery, is coding required?


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Mar 27, 2012
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I'm starting a new thread as I can't find a definitive answer to the question on other threads, does anyone know for certain?
Audi want 440 to change the battery (haha). So I am going to look at other means, maybe fitting myself. Is the coding really required? There is conflicting information, some people saying yes, and other information stating the car eventually learns a new battery has been fitted.

Can anyone confirm the car will eventually learn the new battery? I know the official line is coding is needed, but is It really?

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Crazy price from Audi!!!

I've never had a car that you cannot just change it and drive. What needs coding? If the new battery has enough voltage, why cant it just work?
I have read something about it needing coding to the battery control module but I couldn't tell you from experience
all depends on

was the battery showing bad before you changed it ?

if it was it will need codeing and the proper battery to replace with.
Just been reading up about this as my dash said about a low battery but the mmi didn't ? I guess on some cars you can see the battery level on the mmi ? Which I think means you need a battery with a BEM code and needs to be coded , or I guess you could buy the same rating battery without a code and reuse your code from the old battery ?
Just a though - If you don't know anyone who can code for you you could check out RAC website and see how much they will charge. I have no idea if it's cheaper than Audi. Audi roadside assistance is done by RAC and some of their patrols (not all) are Audi accredited and carry the correct equipment to change out your battery with coding etc. At least they'd be coming to you rather than you having to find the time to sort it out.
can be done with vcds i believe , borrowed this from elsewhere ,i do know bmw have to be done ,had to do this when i had a 530d

19-CAN Gateway _> Long Adaptation -> Channel 4 -> Battery identification

(N) Part number - (11 digits) - kept this the same as the previous battery.
- (V) Vendor code - (3 digits) - in my case VA0 for Varta
- (S) Serial number (10 digits, but leaving out the starting 3 digits of manufacturer)

i have just replaced the battery on my 2009 20tfsi went to start and was very slow turning over did just start ,so put charger on it and left for a few hour , started fine ,came to it next morning just clicking ,so bought a standard battery (80a/h and 680a cranking) recharged my genuine battery ,placed jump leads from my wifes car and removed the genuine battery (to keep power to all electrics whilst i remove the battery) fitted replacement battery and removed the jump leads .

Started fine everything appears to work as it should ,the only problem i had was when you put key in dash ,if you stared car straight off no issues ,but if you put ignition on to second position without starting (no clutch down) it would say "battery charge low will charge while driving "

after going for a long drive (around 20 miles) with as much turned off as possible the car reset its self and i have no issues at all now .

hope this helps anyone with the same issues as the cold is here and kills weak batteries

ps . please note if you do as i did to change the battery please remember the battery terminals will still be live when you remove your old battery so wrap a rag or plastic around the live terminal when removed from the battery to avoid shorting out .
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What happens if you just charge it ?
if you just charge it and there is a bad cell it will just go flat again !
Right trying to charge my battery but I don't think it's going to take or hold a charge so if coding is required what has to be done via vcds ?
****** hell I've read this thread a few times and missed that :( it's been ' one of those days '

many thanks
These cars, like many other makes and models have a battery/charging management system. Here is a simple explanation; The system monitors the state of the battery and adjusts the charging rate as needed, as the battery ages and degrades, the system compensates to keep the battery up to snuff. When you replace the battery and do not tell the car it has a new or different one installed, the system will continue to charge at a higher/different rate than is needed. This will of course shorten the life of the battery. Will the car start and run if you do not register the new battery? of course it will. As we all know voltage issues with these types of systems is very important so it would be in your best interest to preform the service the correct way. The battery will last longer and be charging at the correct rate.
Hi guys
Listen I can really use your help I purchased a 2010 Audi s4 a month ago. I took it to AUDI for some work they told me that I failed a low test for the battery so I purchased one at the dealership today I swapped out the old battery and dropped in the new one as I scanned the codes in my car it popped up with 22 different codes it was also running a little rough before I swap this battery I only had one code for the engine which was the right front engine mount and now that I put the new battery and I have a series of 22 different codes and the car is running rough I found out that I have to have the car code in my car is a 2010 does anybody have any tips or advice I haven’t drove the car anywhere and I’ve been stuck home because what I read about says that I could bad for the car does this need be coded and why do I have all these codes with modules someone please help


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I'm not speaking from experience.
It's a bit complicated, but I believe the various computers on the car can stop a new part (like a battery) from behaving like a new part. So the ECU's may stop the new battery from fully charging when it is charged to X% (e.g 30% or 40%, etc).

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