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2006 A3; 2.0TFSI(BWA) with DSG - not cranking

S13_KGB Feb 2, 2018

  1. S13_KGB

    S13_KGB New Member


    As I mentioned in my welcome post, here it is... description of the non starting tfsi bwa on a3.

    I got it with following symptoms:
    - key in
    - ignition on (position II)
    - big fat NOTHING, not even a light dim...

    1. I started diagnostics with relays and fuses. All been good.
    2. Next step was to disconnect signal cable to starter solenoid.
    3. Tested for 12V when key turned to start(position III) - result was ok. 12V available.
    4. Next step; starter removal.
    5. Once removed, tested by connecting directly to battery.
    a. First with ground (B -) on the case, big (B+) on the screw terminal as per car connection, and (B+) touched to solenoid signal input. No reaction whatsoever, apart from few sparks.
    b. Second with ground still on the case, and big (B+) on the other side of solenoid where it goes into the motor case. No reaction again.

    This led me to conclusion that it is burnet.
    I took the starter apart and indeed it turned to be very much burnt...

    Got the new one fitted.

    Kind of blow back noise - not started...

    Checked compression as a next step, results are:
    Cylinder 1 = 200psi
    Cylinder 2 = 190psi
    Cylinder 3 = 98psi
    Cylinder 4 = 110psi

    Question was top or bottom end. Thus I performed wet compression test, compression improved massively. Thus the conclusion is that piston rings or scoring on the cylinders. Bottom end anyway.

    I hope this will help someone with similar symptoms.

    I am willing to rebuild it... I need to decide on what parts...

    Standard or forged???
    1. Complete standard with new pistons, rings, bottom end etc...
    2. Forged pistons, rods, race bottom end etc...

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