2.0 tfsi

  1. Nanz

    A3 TFSI MPGs - what is yours?

    Hi all Out of interest, and to compare with my own car, for those 2.0 TFSI's owners, what MPG are you getting. Here is mine: Type of day to day driving: mostly city, school runs, supermarket... (no motorways) Year: 2006 MPG: 21 When I do road trips (loads of motorway driving), I've been...
  2. MuzzyT

    A3 2.0TFSI Dyno and Remapped - Results

    So, I got my 2018 A3 2.0 TSFI remapped the other day and the dyno results surprised me a bit. Have a look at what manufacturer claimed stock BHP and stock torque should be compared to what the car was actually outputting. 190bhp manufacturer claimed but car was outputting 213bhp. I’ve had the...
  3. MuzzyT

    A3 2.0 TFSi Engine thoughts?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of waiting to pick up an A3 2.0 TFSI 2018 S line in daytona grey pearl. The unfortunate thing is that due to covid, test drives are not allowed from all dealers atm. The car I am waiting to pick up is 150 miles away and there are hardly any 2.0TFSi's on the market...
  4. E

    A3 8P 2.0T FSI Coolant temperature problem

    Hello, so I've been having this really strange problem with my 2005 A3. It started out with the car not even getting over the 50°C mark on the dash, replaced the thermostat and everything seemed fine. it would reach 90°C within 5 minutes of driving and stay there. But eventually it started...
  5. Shram

    Oil temperature reading 76 degrees after 20-30 mins of driving

    Hi, I was wondering if the oil temperature on my car is okay. The oil reading from the car is giving me 76 degrees celsius after driving around for around 20-30 mins. Wanted to know if this is a normal temperature.
  6. S.

    Pro ram filter ofr itg maxogen or revo cai

    As title says, is anyone running ramair pro ram air filter instead of foam filter on itg maxogen cai or revo cai. On a 2.0tfsi s3 with stage 2+ etc.? Wondering what size is needed for our cars and stage 2+ tunes. Seems that those might be better than foam ones. Thanks, Sam. EDIT: WELL I MANAGED...
  7. Joody1

    New member/2.0 tfsi ccza engine code

    Hi guys new member here! Was just wondering if anyone could help me out, this is my first audi and only second car, so all new to this. Just looking for any possible issues with the 2.0 tfsi ccza engine and what to look out for. Also if anyone has any ideas of mods i can do to it that would be...
  8. Nitro_CR

    Wanted B8 A4 Avant/A5 Sportback 2.0TFSI Quattro

    Hi all, I hope everyone is staying safe & well. I'm looking for a B8 A4 Avant or A5 Sportback with the 2.0TFSI engine + Quattro. I would potentially consider an A4 Saloon or A5 Coupe as well. Only really interested in S-Line or Black Edition & must have had the oil consumption/engine problem...
  9. R

    B8.5 - 2.0T or S4?

    Hoping to go back to an A4 and wondered what I should go for, A4 2.0Tfsi Quattro or an S4? Just can't decide. Pros and cons for each perhaps but I've been driving sensible cars for the last few years and need something more enjoyable and fun to drive, but can still get the family in when needed...
  10. EctoA3

    EPC light after Clutch&Flywheel

    Hi All, I've got a 2.0tfsi (ccza) 3dr a3. 09 reg, 115k miles. Had the clutch and flywheel replaced (used sachs parts). All seemed fine but 30 miles after picking the car up I was driving down the m4 and the EPC light came on aswell as the engine warning light, and the car went into limp mode...
  11. R

    Timing belt on an 07 plate 2.0 tfsi

    What's the recommended interval for these engines please? Found a good 2.0 tfsi which I'm likely to buy. Has done 60k with a belt / pump change in 2012 at 32k. Have a feeling it's every 5 years. If so, I will try and negotiate the cost a bit as I think the warranty that comes with this car would...
  12. curtis524

    Q3 2.0 TFSI - Oil Separator / PCV Fail (Emission Lamp Amber)

    The wifey called on the way to work yesterday to say that the engine light came on in the Q3! Obviously I thought "£££". I made it to hers straight away and it turned out to be an amber Emission Control System (EMS) Lamp. Plugged in the OBDeleven, started the car and got some info... A quick...
  13. R

    3.2 quattro vs 2.0 tfsi cvt - pls help me decide!

    Hi all, Just joined this great forum as will be owning a B7 A4 Avant very soon. I test drove two yesterday and would really appreciate any thoughts on what you'd go for or at least recommend between them. Unless something else similar is advertised soon, it will be one of these. 2007 2.0 TFSI...
  14. lafa3ro

    2.0 TFSI Occasional Misfires on Partial Load

    Hi, I recently monitored the misfires on my 2012 A3 2.0 DSG (stock) with OBDEleven just out of curiosity. To my surprise I noticed that every now and then, I'm seeing random misfires under partial load. I've seen those on the highway (cruise control active) or normal roads wit cruise control...
  15. M

    Audi a3 make it sound

    Hey Guys. I have a Audi A3 2009 s line. Is turbo and i want to know how or what I need to make it sound. I need a Blow off spacer valve or something more ? (Im new on this) Thanks!!!
  16. L

    2005 A4 B7 2.0 TFSi quattro seized engine - is this goodbye?

    Hello everyone, It was cold and dark when the oil pressure warning came on and I took the risk. I know, I know. Poor car got me home, but only just. The engine won’t turn over, so I’m pretty sure it’s terminal. Have spoken to my trusty mechanic who doesn’t think it’s worth replacing the engine...
  17. S

    Exhaust tips

    Just wondering if anyone has fitted any after market exhaust tips? Mine are just the steel ones and I don't think it gives the right finish to a nice car so looking for recommendations. They're going to be going on a 2009 2.0 tfsi quattro.
  18. T

    Camshaft over adjustment - long term

    Hello, so the other day, I found that my car was throwing up the DTC P0011. So my thoughts were that I had to change my chain link kit, so I bought a kit online. And unfortunately the bolt which connected it to the exhaust cam shaft; was busted so I had to replace the cam exhaust shaft aswell...
  19. T

    Roller rocker arm damage

    So my car has been misfiring (plugs changed, coils, injectors checked.) we took off everything and found that a roller rockerarm is seriously damaged, would this cause the car to misfire only at idle, because when it spins it would miss it. Thanks :) I attached a pic
  20. T

    Alloy question! Rear sizing

    Hey, so I was looking at purchasing some 18” Alloys for my A3, my car has not been lowered but I’m reading that on my read it would be 18” x 9.5” with a 39 offset. Does this mean it would rub ? What are the biggest size for an A3 which won’t rub? I would like to put coil overs on in the future...