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  1. N

    New Audi A3 bumpy noise and wheel lock upon sharp turn

    Hi all, I am in a very confusing situation and looking for some advise: I got a brand new Audi A3 Sportback 40 TFSIe (hybrid and heavy) back in July. So far I have done less than 2000 miles. Not too long ago I started to notice that car makes bumpy noise from the front nearside wheel when I...
  2. A


    Hi I’ve a 2016 black edition facelift A3 s-line and and it has rear LED dynamic indicators but I wanted to get front ones. I’ve been searching for them but it seems to be only wing indicators that seems to come up. Can anyone point in the right direction in getting these. thanks
  3. D

    For Sale Audi a3 front grill and fog light grills

    Taken off an audi a3 2010 sline excellent condition no broken clips etc email for to make an offer
  4. A

    New turbo and actuator advice

    Hi everyone hoping for abit of advice. Refitting my reconditioned turbo on my 2011 1.2 tfsi audi a3 petrol, that has had a new actuator on it also. Was just wondering if I can just refit and start, do I have to reset turbo learned values before I start or is there more I have to do? T
  5. Au3

    A3 8V few questions

    Hi Audi people! I bought a 2014 model year A3 car a week ago. 1) The MMI display has now once failed to rise. (After the night.) <-- Is that 3-button reset safe? - Does it discard any self-made encodings from the device? (example changes start screen logo, possible sound system coding) 2) The...
  6. M

    car arrived at dealership with wrong gearbox!

    Hi All I ordered my car from Audi a A3 S line Sportback with all the extra specs back in November to get it factory built they gave me a rough date saying I would get the car end of January this year. The order got delayed 2 months and finally I was suppose to pick it up this coming Monday but...
  7. HarveW

    Installing Bi-Xenon headlights

    I have just installed my Bi xenon headlights into my 8p A3 from the standard Halogen headlights ( now for sale :friendly wink:) I installed them using an adaptor that came out of my old A3. (picutre below of the adaptor) But now comes to the stage where they need to be wired in and...
  8. ZIPPY2019


    Right... I cannot find the power steering fluid reservoir location on my 2009 A3 (102hp). Where and how do I check the power steering fluid level?? Sounds like a stupid question but I honestly have no idea. I have looked everywhere an am still clueless. Any help is greatly appreciated/ Zippy!
  9. Will1893

    3.2 V6 Electrical problems!!

    So I've struggling to find the cause of some problems for a while now. The car is a 2005 A3 3.2 V6 Quattro Sport 8P1. Here are problems and some information: Reverse light doesn't work (bulb is good, no warning on dash, when I put in a new bulb a bulb out warning came up on the dash so I...
  10. K

    Second hand A3 buying help

    Hi, I'm looking for some buying advice on second hand A3's, in particular between 2008 - 2010 . I've had a Mk4 Golf for the past 4 years and it's been a dream to run, but now with 230,000 miles I'm looking for an upgrade.. A3 range I'm looking at is 2008 - 2010, £6,000 budget roughly 80k...
  11. HarveW

    AUDI A3 Knocking/clicking from the front of the car

    I just recently changed my clutch in my 2010 A3 1.6, for the first time ever. BUT now there seems to be an issue. Its pretty much random, but when I sometimes change gear I hear a knocking sound. This knocking sound also happens when I go over pot holes and turn into a road. It sounds like its...
  12. Shram

    Oil temperature reading 76 degrees after 20-30 mins of driving

    Hi, I was wondering if the oil temperature on my car is okay. The oil reading from the car is giving me 76 degrees celsius after driving around for around 20-30 mins. Wanted to know if this is a normal temperature.

    Audi A3 - Start shaking problem

    When I just start the car (cold engine), the car seems to be working incorrectly, shaking, as if it were nozzles? But the car after 4-5 minutes of work goes quite normally, even pulls well, no driving problems. What can it be? Maybe diesel injectors? PCV valve? By the way, it's like I hear a...
  14. HarveW

    AUDI A3 8P, MANUAL Control to Dual climate Control upgrade

    Hi, I know this is a BIG project. Some would say, sell the car and buy one with it. I wish I could, Its too late for that now. My situation atm is that I have the manual air con control in my car. And I am planning to upgrade to the dual climate control. I have all the parts that's is...
  15. shomi951

    Audi A3 8P ABS and ESP failure

    Dear All, Please help me to solve this fault, everything going fine until I have decided to change my 4 spoke steering wheel to 3 spoke steering wheel. After that and a couple of days, on my board, this error occurred. I have VCDS 17.1.3 and I have tried to clear these faults but they appear...
  16. E12_RHN

    2.0 TDi bkd Judder/Misfire

    Hello all very new to this but was wondering if anyone could help me out a bit. I have a 2007 Audi A3 with the 2.0 bkd engine everytime I start the car from cold, at idle there is a very intense judder which I believe to be a misfire but, when I apply the gas it runs as normal. Its been doing...
  17. HarveW

    AUDI A3 8P 2010 How to Remove exhuast

    Hi I want to change my orginal exhuast. Cut a long story short. I'm making an S3 replica. All the interior is done (except the climate control :|) So I am now working on the outside. I have the S3 back bumper and front. But before I change the back bumper I need to change the exhaust, as...
  18. P.C.K

    [A3 8P] Upgrading the factory radio and have some general questions.

    Hey guys. I am going to be upgrading the factory radio very soon. The most likely candidate is the Alpine CDE-W296BT. I'll be defeaning the doors and the boot with some felt too. Keep in mind I am extremely green on the whole car stereo business. The car in question is an 5 door 2010 S-line...
  19. A

    Audi A3 2013 Navigation Update

    Hello, does any one know how i can update my navigation system to 2020 maps? I have a 2013 Audi A3 Sportback current versions are as follows: Software version - MSTD_EU_AU_P2440 Navigation Version - 8V0919866A 0021 ECE 2013. i have tried going onto my audi website and it says there are no...
  20. V

    Audi A3 2013 RMC TO MMI 2G/3G upgrade

    Hello all, just got myself an audi a3 8v 2013 sportback after loving my q5 3xsline model but needed something for the city. i was not aware of the diference with the mmi systems because my Q5 has the 3g+ so i never had any problems with it. The a3 has the RMC system i think(i have the cd reader...