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2.0 TDI Limp mode/dpf

Matt21 Mar 19, 2018

  1. Matt21

    Matt21 New Member


    I recently had my car parked up for 3 weeks, when I used it again it went into limp mode after a couple of miles with the dpf light and coil light on the dash.

    I was 300 miles from home so had to keep going really.
    After a few miles it turned limp mode off and I assume did a regen of the dpf.
    The lights went off after a while and all was good.

    Fast forward a hundred miles or so and I need the toilet! after stopped and setting off, it did the same!

    its done it a couple of times since too.

    I use the carista app and the only fault code it brought up was P2002
    I also bought the VAGDPF app, which showed the DPF to be 104% full when I first used it, I drove and it started a regen and went down to 24% then stopped.

    After a bit of driving it crept up to 26% then all of a sudden went into limp mode and showed 100% again!

    Which has me thinking maybe it's not the dpf, but the pressure sensor? but would this bring up a fault itself?

    I tried to remove the sensor but one leg snapped off so I've had to buy a new one anyway, just waiting for it to arrive.

    I had the sensor plugged in but disconnected from the pipes and the soot levels in the dpf were still going up while driving and never got to the point of going to into limp mode or any warning lights etc (but is this measured purely from the pressure sensor?!)
    It went up to 47% (10.6g) by the time I got home and hadn't started another regen or anything.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?
    I'm hoping it's not the dpf blocked!!!

    I also had a coil light flickering a few times previous to all this but it never stayed on.
    I also had an engine warning light on due to exhaust temp, but that always cleared ok too...
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  3. ayfreetee

    ayfreetee Well-Known Member

    The pressure sensor is a weak point, apparently, so changing it is a good idea, but it needs to be aligned with vcds I am told, try taking the car for a drive on a motorway, where you can keep the car at 3000 rpm for about twenty minutes, this will get the dpf hot enough to burn off the soot.
  4. SM18

    SM18 Audi A3

    Hi did you ever get this sorted? I’ve got p2002 and had sensors checked and dpf regen but it engine light keeps coming back on with p2002 and p2002 p codes.. car drives fine tho no limp mode runs smooth as a whistle.

    So frustrating!

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