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  • Wondered if u got a bkd engine for sale?
    How much
    mileage warranty n would like a complete engine
    Hi mate I have seen a post from you on an old post about you having bkd engine for sale and was just wondering if you have one now cheers
    hi i dont know if you have read my posts and hope you dont mind me messaging you but my cars dmf has given up and apparently the turbo i always wanted more power so i fort instead off putting it back to normal i would invest a little bit more to get more then just a remap for power

    i was wondering without spending **** loads off money you could point in the way what do i need and how much?

    Clutch and flywheel or solid flywheel conversion?
    turbo or hybrid turbo how much?
    and what else would be needed to compensate these?
    I have a 2004 audi a3 2.0tdi 140bhp BKD engine

    Thankyou if you get time :)
    Hello. My friend - I have a 53reg 2.0tdi DSG a3 (95k) it has an internal coolant leak :( the Egr cooler will b tested Monday . If it needs replacing will this rule out a potentially porous head? If not or is not faulty and the head is porous - can it b skimmed or does it need a new one? Many thanks for any advice you can give me
    Hi Mikey,

    can you recommend anybody to remap my 2.0Tdi with hybrid turbo, decat and free flow back box in London/ South East?

    Hi Devon, sorry to message again, wasn't sure if my PM sent properly to you?

    hi mike im currently tuning my a3 tdi quattro 140pd 2006 model so far ive added a hybrid turbo from grant parker,solid flywheel and clutch, de-catted the exhaust ,ind kit will be getting it custom mapped by sitech racing in a couple of months looking for around 240bhp is this possible with these mods? how strong are these engines ?its my daily ride so i dont want to comprimise reliabilty.every time i look for tips ideas etc i keep stumbling onto your car hat off to you bud its an immense build.ive heard a few horror stories is my car the model that suffers from head problems ? also whats your opinion on front mounted intercoolers as ive heard the stock ones pretty good ,also you wouldnt happen to have any spares lying around have you im looking for the rubber bush between the prop and rear diff as mines causing a really annoying vibration thanks in advance,matty
    can you tell me can J replace my injectors on pasat 2.0 tdi 16v BKP engine 140hp with injectors from pasat 170hp,if J can,tell me please what J need to do,some,remap or...?thanks,Prke form Belgrade,Serbia :)
    thanx Mike...look i wanna make this a moster...should i go twin turbo and if so what size turbos should i use and what problems will it cause if i do go twin turbo???Or should i go with a single turbo???I wanna be pushing 500hp+...but ofcoarse it will take time to get there....
    And will a short shifter help to gain ground on the 0-60 times...
    hi Mike , i've got an A3 tdi 2.ol sport 8p, it seems it may have a porous head as it is losing coolant at about a litre per month. no other symptoms. it has an A suffix on the engine head, i heard i should also check the EGR coolers for residue? or should i just accept the reality of needing to replace head?
    many thanks
    hi there Mike,i read the forum abt the 3.2l wanted to ask for ur advice...
    i wanna get an A3 8P 3.2 V6 so i can turbocharge it and make myself a killer ride.The question that has been bothering me is...should i go MANUAL or DSG...What are my pros and cons from both types of transmissions???
    03G 103 308 C does exists as it was used on late PD140 engines and on the PD170 engine, same head used on both engines. Never worked on a DSG car but don`t see why the engine head would be any different. There is meant to be 03G 103 351 B and 03G 103 351 E heads used as replacement heads from Audi. All comes down to how much money you want to spend.
    Hi Mike, I've been told you know a lot about the BKD?
    Have a 03G 103 308 B head and she's drinking coolant for fun. I had read that the replacement for it was the 03G 103 308 C, but on my version of ETKA that part doesn't exist, it says the 03G 103 351 B is the current head for the BKD (with DSG). Any ideas who's right?

    No worries mate, it wasn't a injector problem after all. Engine speed sensors gone, clutch needs removing to change it!
    Sorry mate not got any standard injectors just uprated ones. I might have a secondhand wiring loom you can have cheap. Let me know what happens
    Hi Mike, Cars died on me, I'm dreading the injector fault but will hopefully know once its hooked onto vagcom. Do you have any BKD injectors and wiring looms?
    Hi Mike, is it possible to fit the S3 intercooler to the 140PD engine in the A3, are the hoses the same at the TFSI application?
    Yes it's the 1st of the newer shaped A3's. Late 2003 2.0tdi 140. I have been told I need to match the part codes, is this true? So you are looking for £50 including p&p? I can do a bank trans when I get confirmation that part is right fittament. Thanks
    I have some secondhand injectors still yes. You can buy single injectors or set of four. If you go into Vagcom you should be able to tell which injector is playing up. Best to change the look first though.
    Hi Mate,
    I read on the A3 forum that you sell reconditioned injectors etc. Im going to change the injector wiring loom on my A3 2.0TDI 2004 asap. Do you have any of these for sale. New or nearly new?


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