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Nov 13, 2005
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Hi ( im new just bought an S3).

I m quite interested in hooking up an ipod to the headunit which i know is possible but as an alternative could i purchase an MP3 changer & hook that up instead ? (Sony recon they have one). Any recommendations would be nice.

I believe the audi headunits have a track limit. I think its 99 tracks before it cant go any further, would in effect mean you have a 99 song per disk limit with an addon changer.
would this still be the case if you split the files down in sub folders ?


so any suggestions to what i could use or purchase to allow the use of the vast amount of "currently" un-useable music on my PC without burning 100s of CDRS.

i was thinking if for example i choose to get the MP3 changer losing 40 tracks per cdr isnt a great amount if for example a 6 or 10 disc was purcahsed.

10 x 99 is still 990 tracks

6 x 99 is still 594 tracks

losing either 400 or 240 tracks nothing major considering the ease of burning an MP3 CDR & the amount it can store anyway.

What do ya recon ?


P.s. I jus feel the ipod is a waste cause i cant see myself using it other than in the car & the way mobile phones are going who needs an ipod ?

Did you look at the phatnoise option? You van buy them for about £180 ish and I think they are either 20GB or 40GB (but you can change the hard disk if you want for a bigger one)

HAve a look in this forum for more info..
yeah i m not keen on the phatnoise at all. I may as well buy an ipod which smaller & use an FM transmitter or wire it up.

If you want integration and control from your head unit, really there are only 2 ways to go.

Denison Iclelink or Phatbox

Icelink entails buying an Ipod as well, phatbox becomes part of the car and you just take the "small" cartridge out to update your Mp3's

99 songs per "Disk" on the phatbox is still limit, but then again you have 20 or 40GB to go at.

Plus the voice navigation of the phatbox means you dont have to take your eyes off the road whilst driving.
with for example the sony mp3 changer you will have control from the headunit over what track you are selecting.

Sorry yes 3 choices, replacing the CD changer with a 3rd party Mp3 based one.
i have the symthony 2 so mine is indash, but there is another port for another changer.
with for example the sony mp3 changer you will have control from the headunit over what track you are selecting.


[/ QUOTE ]

So does the phatnoise !, I wouldn't discount this option before looking into it. I fitted mine a few weeks ago and it is excellent. It is one of the best , easiest and satisfying ICE installs I have ever done. The sound quality with the existing AUDI Concert etc is really impressive for the outlay (about £190 off ebay at the moment). Voice prompts and choice of browsing, play lists, artists, genre etc. makes it easy to get to the tracks you want and it will hold around 150 cd's.

I am so pleased with it I am going to replace an Alpine HU and CD MP3 player in my wifes A4 1.8T with an Audi Concert and phatnoise .
It doesn't display the track name as the standard HU does not have that feature. Phatnoise uses a seperate voice system to drive the track selection.
The HU is pretty dumb so just thinks it's playing normal CD's
oh i see i m find it hard to choose now. Ipod / mp3 changer or Fatnoise

Ipod using an FM transmitter is a hideous idea.
1. Ipod needs special mounting bracket which clutters up the dash and has to be removed evertime you leave the car
2. Can you really drive an iPOD safely in a car while driving?
3. FM transmitters are the work of the devil, and compromise the sound quality

For the price of an mp3 changer and the necessary adapters to make it work on the Audi system you may as well get a proper solution in the phatnoise.
I have the Dension linked to my ipod and chorus head unit.

I have it setup to treat my playlists like CDs so you can directly choose the CD and playlist. It gets to track 99 and then starts counting again to track 01 but it's actually playing track 100 and so on, I have 1 plylist with 300 tunes and it play them all without a problem.

I think it's the easiest and best solution, but I would say that as I have just bought it.

Yes, but less of a problem as you have 6 discs with around 160 tracks on each
I have had all of the above!...
I think for the money, Phatnoise is about the best if you dont already have an Ipod.
If you have an Ipod, the Dension link is great and takes about 10 minutes to fit (I have this in my A4 currently).
I also had a sony 6 disk mp3 changer in my old A3 which worked very well and still have all that kit..

Transmitter (itrip) is crap; plain and simple, and yes I have that also!..
So will the Syphony II headunit (6cd)accept the Sony Mp3 changer ?

Does it require re-coding of the HU? I currently don't have a CD changer at all, so would my Concert II see the Sony?

Also, could I just order a new glovebox and will the sony fit in there? Or is it possible to mount a CD changer in a standard glovebox. How much is a new glovebox anyway?
No re coding; just plug it in and away it goes.
Glovebox is about £120.
You can cut the back of the box out to fit the sony cd in.

PM me if you want to buy any of the systems off me as I will be putting them on ebay shortly..

I have,,
Sony MP3 6cd changer with connects2 interface and all leads

OEM 6 cd glovebox changer including the glovebox.. just requires the lead from the dealer (£16).

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