Thinking about an Audi A6 Estate 2.0 TFSI


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Jan 24, 2012
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Hi All,

I'm a current BMW compact driver (2002) which has a 2 litre auto petrol engine running on LPG. I've just managed to get the car through its MOT, but its costing me increasing amounts of money and all in all I've lost trust in it (and the wishbones need replacing in the next month, which is another £300 on a £1500 car).

I've seen an Audi A6 Estate 2.0 TFSI manual for sale at a price I can deal with, £5,000. Its got 125,000 miles on it, leather seats, Sat Nav and is an S-line from a private seller. Full audi service history, had cam belt changed.

Couple of things I'd like to know:

I've read that TFSI engines cannot be converted to LPG, is that a definite?
The boring question, what sort of mpg should I expect out of it around town, on the motorway at 70, motorway at 80 and combined?
Are there any real inherent weak points on these cars? I've read the engine if run on premium is pretty decent?
Is 125,000 miles going to cost me a lot of money in the next 3 years (assuming 15,000 a year)?
Are they a good car in general?
How simple are they for DIY fixes? My BMW is a great car to work on yourself.

I've managed without an estate recently with the use of bungee cords on my hatchback, though it is in no way ideal (and also, I'm buying a kayak in the next few weeks as well as building a rowing boat which will both need to be transported in/on it!). No kids though, and no dogs - but not going to let that stop me.

Thanks all,

Sorry I can't help, but I have noticed that this forum does not appear to have a very active following. May be worth trying elsewhere.

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