A3 8P Navigation retrofit (RNS E model)




I am planning to retrofit a DVD-based Navigation system (RNS-E) in my european A3 8P. I am trying to gather a list of parts that I need. I would appreciate your input if there is anything I have forgotten, or if you have the part numbers I am missing.

1. The RNS E unit, VAG part no. 8P0 035 192
2. New equipment rack ("schacht" in German) with room for 2 DIN unit (RNS E), VAG part no. 8P0 858 005 A
3. New climate controller, connected to rack, VAG partnr. 8P0 820 043 A
4. Cables for connecting to power, CAN bus, FIS (?) --- (any suggestions?)
6. GPS antenna and cable (any suggestions?)

Let me know if you have any tips and ideas!!

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I had Symphony so I did not have to replace the double din cage or climate.
But the whole install takes around 30 minutes if you have bought the adapters to convert the original stereo and aerial.
I put the GPS antenna above the instrument cluster and under the dash, there is a little gap that it fits in perfectly and gets reception of all satellites.

The RNS-E also sounds alot better than the Symphony unit which is a bonus.

You only need to buy a cable adapter for the iso connector and another to convert the aerials.
They can sell you everything including a gps antenna to make life easy.

Good luck.
Thanks for your reply.

Which adapters do I need to convert the original stereo and aerial? Any idea where I can find them or some help on which ones to get?

Do you have any pictures of your install, both before, during and after? I am very interested in the install of the GPS-antenna in particular.

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Sorry, didn't see your reference to the webshop. Perfect!

Would still be cool with some install pics, like I mentioned in my first reply.

"New climate controller, connected to rack, VAG partnr. 8P0 820 043 A"

You won't need that. Someone on this forum has done it, moving 1U dash to 2U stereos. Actually doing exactly what you're planning to, and he didn't buy new climate controller or other crap.

Damn.. just can't remember the thread..
trident did it, search for his post.

No pics needed, it really is that simple.
remove stereo.
then the climate slots out.
unscrew the cage you have and screw the new on in.
put new climate control in (or use the old one and sand the edges down so it fits)
slide plastic trim away from the instrument cluster, undo the two screws holding it in and slide the cluster out.
now put teh gps antenna in the gap above the cluster, and feed the wire through to the stereo compartment, put cluster back in.
attach your cable adapters to the original harness and the aerial and plug it into the RNS-E, plug the gps antenna in too and the aerials using the adapters.
Slot the RNS-E into the console and you are done!

dead easy!!

If I move the ESP,hazard and cup holder down will this need cutting because the corners seem rounded off
Best website for RNS-E questions is the very excellent NavPlus forum (www.navplus.us). One of the best forums on the web - has tonnes of information about the RNS-E, fitting guides, tips, fixes and loads more.
Seems simple of you have the Symph. II. Been thinking of doing it myself, although having to recode with VAG-COM puts me off... The VAG-COM leads also seem to be a bit pricy.
Hi, does anyone know roughly how much I would have to pay to get the double din cage for the 8p and the switches/card holder?

Thanks in advance.