10mm spacers on B8 A4.

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Just bought a new set of wheels for my B8 audi - the BBS CH-R Series CH118 (20", ET40), pretty excited about them,but wanted to get a bit more aggressive stance for it, so I ordered a set of 10mm spacers. While installing them understood that my centre bore doesn`t reach the inside of the wheel. Still gave it a shot of installing them, did a trest run and something gets miss-aligned, so got some vibration, looks better tho with spacers.

Anyway the question is,have anyone ever installed 10mm spacers on their B8 and managed to somehow align them properly? maybe I could get some tips and tricks about it? Maybe the problem is that I have spherical bolts but wheels are made for conical ones? (recieved wrong delivery for longer bolts,sadly, and the sender doesnt reply to my calls anymore,funny.)

I`m pretty sure that 15mm spacers (comes with a centre boar extension) would be a bit too much and I would have to stretch the fenders (I think they`re called fenders).


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If I understand correctly, you’ve bought some that are effectively just flat plates? If so I’d get some 10mm hubcentric spacers instead. I bought mine through a vender on here called DPM performance, they’re H&R and came with the correct bolts.

Other than that if you want to push the boat out, google PFS spacers, BFI in America sell them. They replace the bbs spigot ring and incorporate a spacer as well. I was going to buy some for my ch’s but ended up changing my wheels instead.
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My previous b8 had 10mm front & 15mm rear, sat nicely, spacers purchased from @DPM. You can't go wrong with the H&R ones he supplies. :icon thumright:

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Look for the word "hubcentric" when buying spacers. Anything hubcentric should sort you out. Center bore is 66.6mm or 66.7mm. Either of these will be OK.

If the wheels have a different centre bore then you will require spiggot rings.