1. y15usf

    5x120 on Audi A3 ?

    Hi guys, Found a set of bbs rims i wanted for my Audi turns out they were on a BMW so they would have the 5x120 fitting compared to audis 5x112. To be honest i am a noob to rims and have no clue what the difference is, if someone can explain what the difference is and why it won't fit or if...
  2. AndrewA4B6

    Do you own BBS Replicas? Cutting through the noise...

    Hey fellow Audi fans, I wanted to get some insight from owners of the BBS reps into longer-term ownership of the BBS LM/RS replicas to see how resilient/'dentable'/susceptible to damage they are, and how they fare over longer periods, such as a year+? There's a lot of noise on the internet...
  3. Don Mundo

    10mm spacers on B8 A4.

    Hey. Just bought a new set of wheels for my B8 audi - the BBS CH-R Series CH118 (20", ET40), pretty excited about them,but wanted to get a bit more aggressive stance for it, so I ordered a set of 10mm spacers. While installing them understood that my centre bore doesn`t reach the inside of the...
  4. KieranS3

    Kieran's S3 8p

    Been on the forum a while now and never made a progress thread. Have had my s3 for over a year now and have made quite a few changes. These are some progress pictures from when I first bought the car right through to how it sits now. Current spec is: 372bhp 398lbft - APR Stage 2+ from...
  5. JordanG97

    Wheels for B5 Avant

    Looking to change my wheels at the end of this month, just looking for some help and inspiration. Thinking of getting some genuine BBS CH's if I can find a decent used set, will these fit?
  6. Daniel Iversen

    OEM+ BBS CH's

    I have been offered a set of plain surface BBS CH's "without motorsport logo" Specs: 8x18 ET44 5x112 57,1 center Serial number is: 03 45 078 How can i tell if these are real or fake?
  7. S

    Will BBS CS-5 18" alloys fit an audi a3?

    Looking at said wheels.. just wondering if they would fit a 2009 2.0 tdi s-line sportback. Info I got on them are: 18 x 8.0" 5 x 112 ET40
  8. Sean_

    Sean's Phantom Black B7 A4 2.0T Quattro

    Hi guys, long time lurker on the site so let me introduce myself, I’m Sean from Ireland and here is my 2005 Audi A4 2.0T FSI Quattro in Pearlescent Phantom Black. So here goes, I bought it a few months ago for a steal price and I’m extremely happy with it. I’d sold my MK5 GTI which I owned for...
  9. C

    What wheels are these?!

    Can someone please identify these wheels? Thank you if you can!
  10. Sandip

    Sandips (strange) build thread

    I've owned my S3 now for around 5yrs and in that time i've had some minor issues and some (quite alot really) major issues! Along the way i've started threads that i've tried to make informative as possible for everyone incase they ever have similar problems. I've done this thread mainly so i...