1. Sssss3

    Spacers for S3 8V on OEM springs & OEM 18” rims

    Hi all, Looking to get wheel spacers on my 2016 PFL S3 that’s on stock springs & has stock 18” rims, but rim protector fitment tyres all round. What do people suggest as the optimal width for front & rear spacers? I’ve seen 10mm front & 15mm rear is common, but I’m unsure if 15 might be too...
  2. M

    For Sale H&R TRAK+ 15mm Spacers 5x112 PCD with bolts & locking bolts - £60 + £5 UK postage.

    H&R TRAK+ 15mm Hubcentric Spacers with extended bolts & locking bolts, 5x112 PCD. Were on my now sold A3 for approx 6 months. Both spacers in very good condition, no lumps or bumps to the rear or front faces of either spacer. Includes 10x 38mm M14x1.5 ‘radius seat’ bolts and 2x 40mm M14x1.5...
  3. Tuttivini

    Will 12mm spacers give me the flush look?

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a 2019 Audi A4 40tfsi AVANT Black Optics. It has the lovely Audi Sport 5-V-Spoke 19" 8.5j ET40 245/35/19 wheels (on sport suspension) I want to buy spacers to get the 'FLUSH' look. What size would be perfect? I tried to measure and I think 12mm on the rear and...
  4. Fatihh_b7

    A4 Avant Spacers help!

    I recently got my second b7 a4 which I have started touching up a bit. The thing that is bothering me about the car is that the wheels are sticking way too in, especially the rear ones. So, I have started looking for some spacers, could anyone that has experience please help me what spacer size...
  5. youngsyp

    Sold 2 x 10mm and 2 x 12mm hubcentric wheel spacers

    Hi, I have for sale the following: 2 x 10mm MTEC hubcentric wheel spacers, with 10 x correct length wheel bolts. 2x 12mm MTEC hubcentric wheel spacers, with 10 x correct length wheel bolts. They are aluminium, so very light and perfectly machined so won't add any vibration or other nasty...
  6. M

    Wanted Audi S4 B9 Mods Wanted

    Hi all, just purchased a Audi S4 B9 Avant, its my first audi and moved over from Bmw (M4, 330D, M3 E46 etc) im looking to mod the car and ideally after decat - miltek preferably Intake Exhaust system - cat back or full inc decat Bigger exhaust tips - looking for slightly bigger tips if no...
  7. M

    Random spacers/ wheel bolts question

    Hi. I bought some 15mm spacers for the rear wheels on my A3. 20mm clearance so this was about as much as I could get away with. Got them from a shop that’s well trusted on here who assured me that the 40mm bolts included would be long enough of an extension on the standard bolt length to secure...
  8. M

    Air Suspension on A7

    Hi all. Does anyone know if the air suspension optionally fitted to A7s is exactly the same setup as the standard air suspension on the S7? Also, what spacer width is recommended for the front and rear on the A7 (with air suspension) or has anyone fitted them to an S7?
  9. J

    Spacer Help

    Hi guys and girls new to the forum, hope you're all well. I have a b9 S4 and would like to put some spacers on it to make it look more aggressive has anyone put spacers on theirs? if so what mm and brand are you using? I have the 19" inch wheels like the ones in the picture. Any help would be...
  10. Don Mundo

    10mm spacers on B8 A4.

    Hey. Just bought a new set of wheels for my B8 audi - the BBS CH-R Series CH118 (20", ET40), pretty excited about them,but wanted to get a bit more aggressive stance for it, so I ordered a set of 10mm spacers. While installing them understood that my centre bore doesn`t reach the inside of the...
  11. M

    Is this too much arch gap to correct with spacers?

    OK, so not technically arch gap but you know what I mean. The original alloys on my A3 were like this too, and even with these S-line alloys being half an inch wider with I think only 1mm difference in offset, they're still nowhere near flush with the arches. 1st and 2nd pictures show how far...
  12. AJ Jacob

    Eibach Pro with Spacers

    Hi Guys, Anyone on here with the Eibach Pro or a 10 to 15mm drop with spacers. I have 15mm spacers all around current on stock setup. Would there be a problem with me installing springs? like rubbing etc? Would appreciate some advice.
  13. Eric Strautman

    Are all 3.2L created equally?

    I'm in deep doo-doo! The 3.2L engine in my 2008 Audi A4 Quattro Cabriolet S-line went kaput. An independent shop sourced an A6 3.2L but could not get it to run right. They sourced a second one. It didn't work any better. The problem that both seemed to have hinges on the Cam Position Sensor...
  14. KieranS3

    Wheel spacers on 8p s3

    My current wheels on my 8p s3 are BBS CH-R 19x8J ET50. I was wondering how wide people have been able to go without scrubbing? Currently lowered on H&R springs. Thanks Kieran
  15. R

    A4 B8 wheel spacers

    I just bought Alzor 349 wheels in 19x9.5 ET40 with 355 35 R19 skins and I have stock suspension. The front wheels are perfectly flush as I wanted them. The rear...not so much, so I need to get spacers. From everything I've seen on the forums, it looks like there is pretty much a +5mm difference...
  16. R

    15mm Spacers - grinding sound and brakes locking

    Hi all, Slight problem today hat I hope someone may be able to help with... I have a 2013 S5, with OEM 19" alloys, lowered with H&R OE springs (not the "Sports"). Today I put 15mm spacers on the front wheels and when I took to drive off the brakes were fully locked on and I had to give it a...
  17. Jamesrg

    a3 2.0tdi 2007 8p 18" speedline alloys

    Hi all, looking to fit some 18" TT speedline alloys to my A3 2.0TDI 8P.. i have the alloys already as they were going cheap for me, rears fit but slightly rub, fronts dont even reach the hub. just wondering if anyone has fitted these and if so what spacers to make them fit comfortably.. im...
  18. R

    Spacers with 54offset and 7.5 width alloys

    A3tfsi Quattro...I'm replacing original s line 8jx18Et46(offset) with old model Audi A3 black edition wheels as they match the car better(in my view) 7.5jx18ET54(offset). The old model wheels sit in the car too much in comparison to originals, so opted for 30mm H&R spacers all round...I worked...
  19. Chris5

    Locking wheel bolts

    I bought 20mm rear and 16mm front wheel spacers for my s3. I got extended wheel nuts to match so 45mm wheel nuts for the rear and 40mm for the front. I'm looking to get a set of locking wheel nuts but they come in a pack of 4 so is it possible just to buy a pack of 4 at the longer 45mm size...
  20. Chris5

    Wheel Spacers

    Getting rid of my wheel spacers if anyone is interested private message me. 16mm and 20mm. Don't come with any bolts.