steering wheel

  1. A

    Coding VIEW Button steering wheel

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me what is the coding to set the VIEW button so that it zooms in and out of the speedometer (digital cockpit not virtual) i have an audi A1 GB 2022. I just swapped my multifunction steering wheel with the multifunction plus, that added the buttons: music track...
  2. S

    Audi e-tron 2019 steering wheel

    Hi All, I have a e-tron 2019 and I want to change its steering wheel (SW) with bottom & top flat model. do you know how to do it? Also I found one desired SW but I don´t know whether it fits to my car or not. here are my SW:
  3. A

    Audi A3 8P flat bottom wheel - which airbags can fit to it?

    Hi everyone! I've been searching for days to find out which airbag I can fit to Audi A3 8Ps flat bottom steering wheel (like on the image below). I am asking this because in my country, it's quite hard to find this steering wheel, and now one has popped out but without an airbag. Also, I've...
  4. N

    Will any serial number airbag fit into my steering wheel?

    Hi! I have a 3 spoke steering wheel and i am looking for the correct airbag for it. Audi A3 8P facelift (2010) with 1 airbag connection port. No MFSW. My question is: Will any serial number 3 spoke airbag with 1 connection port fit into the car from fl/pre-fl models too? My current airbag won't...
  5. M

    Steering wheel re trim

    Did you had your steering wheel re trimmed? Send few ideas over.
  6. Audi Bremer

    Retrofit Q5 steering wheel to A6 C7

    hello I got the old 3 spoke steering wheel without paddle shifters in the audi now. I want the q5 steering wheel in it, what and how to get it to work?
  7. R

    Horn hard to press

    Hi, I recently upgraded my original FL steering wheel to S3 flat bottom steering wheel with shift pedal. Everything works great except the horn. I can no longer honk by pressing the sides of the airbag cover no matter how deep I push. However, the horn honk if I press the center of the airbag...
  8. JRock247

    For Sale Multifunction Steering Wheel

    Selling my old 3 Spoke S-Line steering wheel originally removed from an Audi S5 but will fit almost all other Audi models. Wheel is in OK condition, a few light storage marks but nothing major. All buttons work as do the paddles. Would be great for someone looking to upgrade there wheel or...
  9. E

    Steering wheel

    Hey all, Been given a 3 spoke steering wheel from a friend who never installed it, and with my overalls worn 4 spoke looks like a good option. Part number of the wheel is 8R0419091G which now looks like it may be a A3 8P wheel. Is this going to work in my A4? Looks like the A3 airbag is...
  10. G

    Audi TT MK2 Multi Function Steering Wheel Upgrade

    Hello, I currently have a 2006 Audi TT MK2 (DSG with flappy paddles) with a standard steering wheel (no buttons) which I would like to upgrade to the Multi Function Steering Wheel (MFS). I am able to source the steering wheel online, but was wondering if there is a garage or someone around the...
  11. 1

    R8/TTRS//TT8S Steering Wheel Retrofit Issues

    So currently I am in the process of retrofitting the Audi TTS steering wheel pictured above onto my A3 8V. I have also been following this this thread for help with wiring the airbag. So it turns out not only is the connector on my steering wheel different to the one from the thread or any...
  12. audiA7kidd

    Sold Audi A7 C7 Steering Wheel S-Line

    GENUINE COMPATIBLE WORKING AUDI AIRBAG INCLUDED IN SALE!!! AUDI A6 C7 A7 4G8 S LINE LEATHER MULTIFUNCTION STEERING WHEEL WITH PADDLE SHIFTS. Condition is "Good condition and Used”. £399 Posted Hello all, for sale is my recently removed (15/04/21) Audi Multifunctional steering wheel taken...
  13. W

    Steering wheel change

    Evening all, I believe this is the correct thread to place this post - sorry in advance if not. I have recently purchased my first car (59 plate A4/B8) and looking to upgrade the steering wheel from the original to flat bottom. I understand the installation side of things but not 100% sure...
  14. W

    A1 steering wheel fit to A3 2014?

    Was just wondering if I could fit an a1 steering wheel to my 2014 A3 (the a1 is same age). Any help would be good thank you! (Both steering wheels have same buttons)
  15. M

    B7 RS4 B7 flat bottom stearing wheel

    Hi all, Recently bought an RS4 B7, and I absolutely love it. There's one missing piece of the puzzle though, a flat bottom steering wheel - does anyone know where I can find one that's not £1000+ ? Many thanks, Max
  16. shomi951

    Audi A3 8P ABS and ESP failure

    Dear All, Please help me to solve this fault, everything going fine until I have decided to change my 4 spoke steering wheel to 3 spoke steering wheel. After that and a couple of days, on my board, this error occurred. I have VCDS 17.1.3 and I have tried to clear these faults but they appear...
  17. Dan Turner

    MFSW Airbag Troubles

    Afternoon everyone, I'm have a bit of a mare at the moment. So I recently purchased a multi function steering wheel for my 2005 A3 8P 3 door but I don't think the seller wasn't honest about it as I believe it is from a 5 door as the air bag connector is different to mine and I'm not sure what...
  18. Stillster

    2007 A4 TDI MFSW to FBMFSW from 2009 TT

    Looking for help, just changed my round MFSW with paddles for a FBMFSW with paddles in my 2007 A4 3.0TDI. the horn, paddles and steering wheel controls don’t work as the airbag connector to slip ring is obviously needing rewired. Both air bags are dual phase firing, the original wheel all the...
  19. A

    A3 8P mfsw retrofit

    Hello, I have an audi a3 8p fl with 1k0959653d clockspring, would sw fit from a4b7 with p/n 8e0 419 091 EF TNA?
  20. S

    Problem with steering and quattro

    Hi, I recently bought a 2002 S3 with an AMK engine. The problem I have is that the steering wheel is hard to turn, does not return to centre by itself, and when on full lock the wheels occasionally lock up. I have only driven the car on/off the driveway. I have bought a second hand steering...