1. L

    Sline honeycomb grill & splitter

    Any decent looking splitters for the sline bumpers? & whats best way about making a honey comb grill for the sline bumper?
  2. Steve M...

    H&R Lowering Springs Fitting

    Hi, Can anyone help with a recommendation as to where I can have some H&R Lowering Springs which I’ve purchased online fitted in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire and how much I should expect to pay for all the four corners…. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!! Steve.
  3. A

    Audi A4 Avant 2.0TSFI(211) S Line B8

    Audi A4 Avant 2.0TSFI(211) S Line B8 2009 White Available for spares and repairs, the car is in above average condition for its age. Needs a new engine due to pistons and timing. This would be the complete car and not just the parts Open to offers. Images on request
  4. E

    2006 A3 Front bumper replacement.

    Hey guys, so im pretty new to the car scene so i dont know much about the mods or anything like that just yet. i just bought my first car its a 2006 A3 and i want to change the front bumper, ive seen on a load of other threads people talking about swapping it to an sline or other versions of...
  5. G

    For Sale 2007 A3 8P 2.0T S Line Quattro Sportback

    2007 Audi A3 8P 2.0T S Line Quattro Sportback, manual in Ice Silver A3 2.0T S Line with 18” titanium-coloured 7 arm double spoke wheels, brushed aluminium interior trim, black and light grey leather seats. Optional upgrades BOSE ten-speaker sound system with noise-compensation feature and...
  6. D

    For Sale Audi a3 front grill and fog light grills

    Taken off an audi a3 2010 sline excellent condition no broken clips etc email for to make an offer
  7. C

    Vcds emergency brake

    Hello all I’ve just brought a Ross tech vcds stuff and I’m teaching my self tweaks and I’ve got one in my head that I want but not sure how it do it nor can find any help to do it and was wondering if someone could help me, I’ve attached a vid of what I want, brake light to flash under...
  8. T

    Oil leak and DPF

    Can an engine oil leak be associated with DPF problems as I’ve had my A3 2.0 DPF regen done at Halfords and the DPF light came on 2 days after the treatment and they also mentioned I’ve got an engine oil leak is that what could be giving me DPF problems?
  9. W

    A/C ON & ECO not selectable when engine is on?

    Hello! I have a A4 B9 (2016) and noticed today whilst driving that my AC was stuck in the off position. When I try to click it upwards to ECO or ON they just appear faintly but it doesn’t change. Weirdly this only happens when the engine is on, if I just have the ignition on they are both...
  10. Dean Shirt

    B9 exterior door handle LED remain on

    Good evening, this maybe a bizarre question but I really like the look of my door handle lights when I unlock the car in the evening. Question.... is it possible to somehow set them so that they remain on even whilst driving? Not sure if this is against the law also? I’d only want them running...
  11. J

    System Update/MMI Update

    Hi All, I have very recently joined the Audi club, by getting an A3 S line 2016, with virtual cockpit. First of all, I wanted to check if the MMI system was up to date and if not then update it if it is not on the latest version. I have had a look on here and other sites about doing this...
  12. K

    does a3 non sline share same bumper as sline?

    Currently looking for a decent splitter for my 2013 non sline a3 but all i’m finding are sline splitters. As the title says, is there a difference between the sline bumper and standard bumper? would I be okay buying an sline splitter for it?
  13. J10NMM

    Rear diffusers

    Anyone fitted a new style rear diffuser to their avant? looking at what is currently out there?
  14. M

    This Helped My Audi A4 S-Line run better

  15. M

    Helped my Audi A4 run better

  16. Doru Brad

    B7 CCM module part number and functions / restrictions

    Hello, I have a A4, B7 2008, 140HP (left side steering), sline, front power windows only. I recently swapped my CCM as power windows where not working anymore. I coded the new one using VCDS to the specs of the car (as the modules was from a UK car). All was OK except the back doors where not...
  17. bikedoctorr

    Sold a3 ap 2004 3.2ltr 250hp dsg auto. sline. 3 door.

    2004 Audi a3 3.2ltr 250hp Quattro sport. 3 door, S line. Dsg gearbox with flappy paddles on steering wheel. car is near eastbounre bn27 area. I want £2000 or I keep it contact can be via whats app 07584420299 for pics. Good bits. Bose stereo upgrade with the 6 disc CD changer bose speakers...
  18. F

    A5 S line 2017 - Advanced Key

    Hi All. New to the forum and hoping someone could help. Just bought a 2017 reg audi A5 sport back S line. Beautiful car but realised I couldn't lock or unlock the car doors without pressing the key buttons. On reading the manual, I found that an advanced key function was required. My question...
  19. J


    I’m looking for a black parcel shelf/cover to fit a A4 Avant B8 2012. Can collect within reason or may need to post if possible, Thanks
  20. M

    2007 B7 cab front speakers size?

    Hi guys hope somebody can help shed some light as I cannot find anything on this around the net, currently upgrading my front door speakers and rear panel speakers they are the crappy blaupunkt ones. Changed the rears to vibes which was 6.5 inch but the front speakers seem bigger. Am I right in...