1. W

    A/C ON & ECO not selectable when engine is on?

    Hello! I have a A4 B9 (2016) and noticed today whilst driving that my AC was stuck in the off position. When I try to click it upwards to ECO or ON they just appear faintly but it doesn’t change. Weirdly this only happens when the engine is on, if I just have the ignition on they are both...
  2. Dean Shirt

    B9 exterior door handle LED remain on

    Good evening, this maybe a bizarre question but I really like the look of my door handle lights when I unlock the car in the evening. Question.... is it possible to somehow set them so that they remain on even whilst driving? Not sure if this is against the law also? I’d only want them running...
  3. J

    System Update/MMI Update

    Hi All, I have very recently joined the Audi club, by getting an A3 S line 2016, with virtual cockpit. First of all, I wanted to check if the MMI system was up to date and if not then update it if it is not on the latest version. I have had a look on here and other sites about doing this...
  4. K

    does a3 non sline share same bumper as sline?

    Currently looking for a decent splitter for my 2013 non sline a3 but all i’m finding are sline splitters. As the title says, is there a difference between the sline bumper and standard bumper? would I be okay buying an sline splitter for it?
  5. J10NMM

    Rear diffusers

    Anyone fitted a new style rear diffuser to their avant? looking at what is currently out there?
  6. M

    This Helped My Audi A4 S-Line run better

  7. M

    Helped my Audi A4 run better

  8. Doru Brad

    B7 CCM module part number and functions / restrictions

    Hello, I have a A4, B7 2008, 140HP (left side steering), sline, front power windows only. I recently swapped my CCM as power windows where not working anymore. I coded the new one using VCDS to the specs of the car (as the modules was from a UK car). All was OK except the back doors where not...
  9. bikedoctorr

    Sold a3 ap 2004 3.2ltr 250hp dsg auto. sline. 3 door.

    2004 Audi a3 3.2ltr 250hp Quattro sport. 3 door, S line. Dsg gearbox with flappy paddles on steering wheel. car is near eastbounre bn27 area. I want £2000 or I keep it contact can be via whats app 07584420299 for pics. Good bits. Bose stereo upgrade with the 6 disc CD changer bose speakers...
  10. F

    A5 S line 2017 - Advanced Key

    Hi All. New to the forum and hoping someone could help. Just bought a 2017 reg audi A5 sport back S line. Beautiful car but realised I couldn't lock or unlock the car doors without pressing the key buttons. On reading the manual, I found that an advanced key function was required. My question...
  11. J


    I’m looking for a black parcel shelf/cover to fit a A4 Avant B8 2012. Can collect within reason or may need to post if possible, Thanks
  12. M

    2007 B7 cab front speakers size?

    Hi guys hope somebody can help shed some light as I cannot find anything on this around the net, currently upgrading my front door speakers and rear panel speakers they are the crappy blaupunkt ones. Changed the rears to vibes which was 6.5 inch but the front speakers seem bigger. Am I right in...
  13. danielle-ashleigh17

    Customising my little A1

    Hi guys, I'm really new to the car scene and was just wondering if anyone had any good websites or companies they'd recommend to order styling parts from like vinyl wraps, black badges etc? I bought a fully kitted out A1 1.6 TDI S-Line for my first car totally fell in love with it at the...
  14. srevil23

    New member, new order. A5 Sportback Black Edition

    After getting my new car ordered I came across this forum from searching the internet for specs, pictures, owners experiences etc... I've seen a lot of good deals on the A5 Sportback recently (as the face lift is imminent), so I went on the search for one. After trawling through heaps of offers...
  15. Junc11Quattro

    Fresh Face!!

    Greetings to all of my family! New to the site! I own a beautiful Dolphin Grey B7 A4 Cabriolet 3.0 V6 TDI Quattro. (My Babes) hahahaha Done just over 90k, has every option and FSH. Drives like a dream. It's gonna be a small project over a while so hopefully you guys can stay...
  16. M

    2008 A3 2.0TFSI problem

    Good evening all, Stumbled across this website when looking for help so I thought I'd sign up and say hello and see if this group can help me. 2008 AUDI A3 2.0 TFSI S-TRONIC sline Special Edition, 76,000 miles. Basically bought the car for a good price with intentions to sell but I think...
  17. W

    Flywheel and clutch

    Hi guys and girls.. This is my first post, my clutch on my A4 2.0 TDI 170 2006 is on its way out and I'm gonna be replacing it soon but I just wanted to know if it is worth my upgrading it to take a lil more power as I'm gonna be remapping it in the future and don't want to have to buy another...
  18. GazWeavs

    Stage 1 remap providers

    Hi folks, I'm looking for any recommendations of providers to get my A7 3.0tdi 272ps remapped now it is out of warranty but I'd rather not have to travel too far to get it done. Any info as to where I could get this done as local to me as possible would be appreciated. I'm in rural Hereford...
  19. Will Johnstone

    2005 A4 b7 2.0 tdi BRE 8ec 140hp - Engine fault non starter

    I have 3 close up engine videos on a playlist on youtube with good sound quality if anyone can help me diagnose this? Suspected Starter Motor fault. Just click the youtube link below to view the videos. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help with advice...
  20. Harry P

    A3 sline rear bumper conversion

    hello, I’m after any information as I recently got a 66 plate Audi A3 s like 1.6 tdi sport back 5 door, facelift. I really want to convert the exhaust to a s3 and also the rear bumper is this possible, or is it a lot of work. Any one have any input on this. Thanks. Harry