rs3 8v

  1. dTrey03

    Facelift RS3 exhaust help

    Hi! What is the difference between RS3 rs sport exhaust and the standard non sport exhaust? Is it just the midpipe with the catback or is the rear box/ muffler also different layout inside?
  2. dTrey03

    OPF RS3 Help

    Hi! I bought an OPF RS3 with standard non sport exhaust. My friend is giving me his rs sport exhaust he took off, from his 2017 rs3 with no opf, as he upgraded his system. Now, can I install my rs sport exhaust on my opf rs3 without any problems that will occur?
  3. B

    can you fit RS3 or S3 rear diffuser on S-line 8V PFL??

    hello, I'm am looking at putting an diffuser on my A3 8v S-line PFL is it possible to fit an RS3 or S3 rear diffuser or would I need a new bumper?
  4. dmb

    2019 RS3 Sportsback aftermarket exhaust

    Hey All December 2020 I picked up my 2019 RS3 Sportsback, after picking it up I noticed that I was getting a temperature sensor error. Recently I found time to get it on a lift and it seems like both sensors are just zip tied back on the car due to an aftermarket exhaust from the previous...
  5. S

    RS3 Saloon 2017 Facelift

    Hello guys, fingers crossed picking up a rs3 saloon 67 reg this weekend. I previously owned a 2016 s3 and that thing was going through oil like crazy. I wanted to know how everyone checks their oils on their rs3’s, on the s3 i used to get the engine to normal temp and let it sit for around 25...
  6. Spencer589

    Can anyone help with this error code B104A00

    After scanning my car yesterday with an OBD eleven I get this fault come up B104A00 - Engine Control Module (ECM) not authorized Static My car is stage 2 and fitted with an Autowatch Ghost, the fault code is listed in the dashboard section not sure if it's something to do with...
  7. Spencer589

    RS3 DSG Remap

    Anyone tried the Racing Line DSG software on the RS3 FL? I had been looking at the TVS DSG software but this looked interesting. if anyone's got any other recommendations it's much appreciated. I'm currently running Revo stage 2 but I don't think they're...
  8. F

    Oil Leak - Suspected Cylinder Head Gasket

    Hi Everyone - I just had my RS3 8V PFL in for a service at Audi. During the "complementary health check" they've spotted a small patch of oil underneath the engine. They have stated this is a leak from the cylinder head gasket and advise that it should be replaced. They are quoting about £2700...
  9. Aaron gill

    Saloon Help with CETE active valve controller

    Hi, I have managed to purchase a CETE active valve controller And I’m wondering if there’s anyone located in the north east England that could help me with the installation. I feel like if I try to install it I will end up breaking the clips on the trim so would prefer someone who has one...
  10. A

    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Hi all Finally getting around to upgrading the discs and would like some advice on potentially going for the big brake kit. My initial thoughts were to replace front and rear with just OEM sizes (370mm and 310mm). I'm sure this would still be marked difference over the stock discs, however...
  11. Tristan

    Anyone running srm gtx3582r on stage 3?

    Hi guys just looking to go stage 3 on daza platform. Currently stage 2 plus with all required hardware for stage 3 minus throttle body inlet/injectors/turbo kit. Stuck between running a tte700 vs tte777 vs srm gtx3582r Was...
  12. D

    PFL Mods

    Hi, looking at doing some mods to my PFL car. I already have Milltek secondary decats and lowering springs. I am hoping to head up to MRC once possible, have already emailed but I'm not expecting a response anytime soon. My plan is to try and make the car slightly more engaging, these are the...
  13. A

    Rear Anti-Roll Bar upgrade advice

    Hi everyone Hope everyone and your families are all well in these crazy times! Been flirting with the idea of a new rear ARB for some time and after some extensive research, finally going to take the plunge. It seems either the 034 motorsports / H&R seem to be the ones to get, with the H&R...
  14. B

    For Sale Audi rs3 8v prefacelift 2015-2016 decat downpipe

    Hi all, As the title, I have the above part up for sale. Seeing as they retail for £670+s&h, I’m wanting £350+s&h (£20 due to size and weight with paisley freight). there is an ever so slight mark in the metal weave that goes over the flexipipe to make it pretty, but it’s cosmetic only, not...
  15. B

    Looking for a way to carry an extra set of wheels

    Hey all - I'm looking to carry an extra set of wheels on my 2018 RS3 for when I take it to the track. Any ideas on a quality roof platform that won't break the bank? Rhino-Rack offers solutions, but at what seems to me high prices. I saw someone carry 3 wheels on top of an M3 earlier this...
  16. A

    Sportback MMI from FL into PFL

    Hey ladies and gents, I'm curious about if anyone has had experience with installing and using tech from FL car into PFL. There was a blue PFL RS3 for sale in UK a while ago that had FL taillights, virtual cockpit and full FL MMI system. Seen few videos of cars in eastern Europe with the same...
  17. A

    Sportback Mileage Muncher RS3 8v1

    Hi all, Interested to get other owner/enthusiast opinion on this. Had my pride and joy (RS3 8v1) just over a year now. Bought it June 2018 with 27500 on the clock and in my opinion really well specced out. Currently car has somewhere around 45000 on clock and I am loving it and planning on...
  18. Rayner_1704

    Sportback Help needed with tyre sizes

    looking to get some new alloys and a friend is selling his brand new alloys as he’s decided to sell up. His car is rwd and the tyres on it are 35 profile front but 30 profile on rear, I assume this would cause problems on the rs3 with it been 4wd ? Thanks
  19. D

    Original RS3 grill to S3

    hello guys I have a question... Is the genuine RS3 prefacelift grill compatible to the standard S3 front bumper? I’m wondering to change my standard grill to one of this, but I read and heard that the original is not compatible at all. Thanks!!!
  20. S

    New RS3 wrong spec

    Hi All, I hope your Monday has been good. This is my first post on the forum although I admit I have been following the majority of the posts on here since I ordered a new RS3 back in March. Beyond excited. Current owner of a much loved CTR in the U.K. Just needed that 5 cyl. before...