1. randy4

    For Sale S3 8V PFL a few bolt on parts

    Some parts left over or removed from my stage 1 PFL S3 before sale. Located in Doncaster but will post at additional cost considering the current situation. MTM Cantronic tuning box in fully working order. Works on PFL S3 only. Which gives around 60-70bhp from stock. - £400 Racingline Turbo...
  2. Haudi.RS3

    Sportback PFL RS3 Grille with ACC

    Hi guys damaged my front grille on PFL RS3 with adaptive cruise control. I was wondering if there is any replacement for them other than going through Audi who want 1300$. Only managed to find FL grilles and ones without adaptive cruise control, 1) Can you fit a FL grille on a PFL? Thank you
  3. C

    S4 Ventilation Grille

    Hi, Wondered if anyone knew where I could buy a replacement ‘standard’ ventilation grille for my s4? It’s a black edition on the passenger side. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Alexander James

    Grille and Boot Ring Sizes?

    Hi All, Does anyone know the exact boot and grill ring sizes for the A1 / S1? I need all models if poss!
  5. Badger-a-s

    Front Bumper Removal - What is this???!?!?

    Hi, I'm trying to take the front bumper off my 2011 A3 8P Sportback and I've read all the different instruction threads saying remove all the Torx screws and the 2x 10mm bolts that are accessed by peeling the wheel arch lining back. I have 2 more fixings which are not mentioned in any thread...
  6. Jay_78

    Passenger Fog Light Grille Surround

    Hi All, I am trying to find a replacement grille surround for passenger side fog light on my Audi A4 Avant. I have the ones with chrome surround around fog light. Have been looking online but practically everything I see is from China which leaves me a bit sceptical of quality/fitment etc. Can...
  7. Ike

    S3 front fog light bulb replacement (honeycomb grille)

    how on earth do you remove the s3 honeycomb fog light grilles? I've seen a pdf guide for s-line type and also some mentions of squeeze and release. with the honeycomb ones I can see what looks like a release (couple of cm wide and couple of mm high, just big enough for a flat-head screwdriver...
  8. P.C.K

    [A3-8P3] Grille and Headlight help.

    Hello guys, new account but I've been lurking around here for quite a while. Wanted to ask about the old and tried question of the RS grille and better headlamps. Hopefully this can also be helpful for other people as a bunch of the other threads that I found were very old. I looked at the...
  9. KLBC

    Finally got my RS4 grille and splitter fitted!

    Just a quick thread showing you the before and after of fitting an RS4 grille and cupra splitter to my S4! I got the grille re-sprayed gloss black, and because I couldnt find the correct fitting reg plate holder i got that wrapped gloss black to suit.. I also bought an OEM S4 badge to put on...
  10. KLBC

    Grille / Reg plate mount.

    Hi all, Just a quick one, i might be replacing my grille on my S4 to an RS4 but need a black registration plate holder that clips to the front of the grille, can not find one anywhere! Does anybody know what the part no. or what they are actually called? Cheers lads.
  11. R

    Plastic Chrome cleaner/restorer for A3 front grill

    Hi I have an Audi A3 2011 plate. What detailing products have you used on the chrome part of the front grill please? I believe it's plastic... Reluctant to use Autosol Chrome polish as that's not to be used against plastic...
  12. S38pkyle-ing

    Kyles s3

    Always wanted an Audi S3, and in early summer while on tour in Iraq I finally found the the perfect one online. Reserved in and picked it up July when I got back; standard Audi S3 8p 2010 black edition. White and black interior too she’s the love of my life! Just thought I’d share my journey...
  13. Ike

    Audi A4 B9 grille replacement?

    Greetings all, Can anyone point me to or give instructions for replacing the front grille (with minimal fuss!) on a B9 saloon? Unfortunately, some time ago someting flew-up and poked a hole in my current grille and it’s coming-up to lease return time. My local stealer wanted £600 to replace...
  14. E

    RS4 grille on Audi A4 B8 2011

    Hi! I'm considering to purchase an RS4 grille for my 2011 Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TDi and was looking to hear from you on a few things beforehand. I've looked up these two primarliy...
  15. AudiTom

    {UK} Where do you put your number plate?

    After thinking about how to display my plate, Strick UK plate laws and all post pics of you numberplate configuration? Don't wanna ruin the look of my grill
  16. KrisKrk

    Honeycomb fog grille mesh (RS6 look)

    Got inspired by one of the members who did this easy mod and decided to also have it done. Thanx niedzial 1983 I've chosen however, the harder way (as majority in my life) and decided to bring the mesh slightly to the front. But from the beggining. Couldn't get smaller piece of that mesh...
  17. scotty dugg

    S3 Pre-Facelift Grill - Painting

    Millions of threads asking about what are the options for for aftermarket grills (answer: one rare option) But there's no-where for any info on how to paint these, got a damaged repairable grill to put on the car once it's painted. Any tips, tricks, recommended paints to use from those that...
  18. sherry477

    Cheap S-Line Honeycomb Grille

    Is there any places to buy a honeycomb grille for the s-line a4 b7 bumper. I've found a few but they cost upwards of £400.
  19. KieranJ22

    Have you moved your front number plate?

    Does anyone know the UK laws on front number plate locations? I would love to buy the honeycomb grille but I think it's rather pointless if I have to cover it with my number plate. How have you guys got around this? I've heard of people putting it in their sun visor and I'm not a fan of it on...
  20. Shady0808

    Which Quattro Badge?

    Hey, I'm looking to add a Quattro front and rear badge to my S3 but not sure which badge I should be getting and also want to get others opinions on what would look best. Audi sold it to me as an "S3 S LINE BLACK ED TFSI Q 1984cc PETROL" and looking at other 8P S3's the grille looks different...