1. C

    Ecu main relay

    Hi, Every now and then the car won't start. When it fails to start the eml light doesn't lit up with the ignition. Posibly no power is coming to the ecu. I checked the ecu and it's clean and dry, can anyone help me to locate main relay, as that could potentially be the problem. I was hoping it...
  2. Ed Miller

    ECU Stage 1 remap

    Hi All, I recently got an ECU stage 1 remap for my Audi A3 saloon. 2013 plate and it has done 53,000 miles. BHP went from 138 to 170, and torque from 250 to 300 - so about 20% increase. I won't name the company yet but they seem to be a big company, and part of what they call the 'Quantum...
  3. A

    Audi A3 8v MMii upgrade retrofit Sound ECU

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone have changed their sound ECU ? I’ve recently upgraded my MMII system to the facelifted version and I’m not getting any sound output through media/satnav. I found out that the facelift has a different part number for its sound ECU, problem is I’ve no clue where the...
  4. G

    ECU swap using VCDS and 7 digit SKC.

    Hi All, I am new to this forum in the hope someone can help please. I am using my VCDS to swap a used ECU into an 06 Bentley Continental GT, IMMO 3. I have the pin numbers for both the old and new(used) ECU's. When I get to the adaptation bit it only gives me an option for the SKC 7 digit code...
  5. M

    Brake Calipers on A6 4.2 Quattro

    Hello All, Could anyone help me with a problem. I have a 2001 A6 Avant 4.2 SE Quattro that the gearbox ECU failed on. The car went to a local garage who kept it for 8 months without fixing it as I was hoping to get a secondhand/reconditioned ecu. I went to collect it and the front calipers have...
  6. WalkerBW

    A4 Avant ECU Files

    Hello! I recently booked my car in to get remapped but apparently they couldn't find the original ECU files for my car anywhere. Does anyone know how I can either get these myself or if they are stored on any database online anywhere?
  7. H4VO

    Stage1 2019 S3

    Hi all, Thinking of getting Stage1.. Only concern, if I want to put it back to standard & sell the car. Can Audi pick up that it’s had stage1 on it? Many thanks.
  8. P

    ECU pin diagram

    I know I already posted a question around this subject, but I'm desperately trying to get this fixed. It's a 2007 A4 2.0 tdi avant. The wiring between the MAF and the ECU has a break in it, can anyone tell me the pins on the ECU so I can test each wire? Thanks
  9. R

    emerald k6 vs kdfi plug and play

    hello, I have a -98 a3 8L 1.8t agu and want to get some power out of it on e85 (its MUTCH cheaper in finland than normal gas) and I did the maf mod but im maxing out the injectors already and would want to put a plug and play stand-alone in it, was wondering which one is better, the emerald k6...
  10. X

    ECU, ESC, Hill hold, Parking break errors/faults

    During Easter i went to wash the car, and following the wash while i was finishing some minor detailing while the car was idle, the engine turned off and started showing errors: ESC Fault Hill Hold Assist: Unavailable Parking Break Fault (not every time though) When trying to turn on the...
  11. W

    Audi remap - North East England area?

    Thinking about getting the car remapped (2. TDI 190ps) and wondering if anyone on the forum could recommend someone in the NE area and if they were aware of any specials re prices. One local firm quoting £399+VAT for a Revo stage 1 upgrade - Revo appeals to me but price is a bit high esp when...
  12. D

    A3 Ecu

    Hi I recently bought a 1.6 petrol non turbo 8p a3. However, I was unaware at the time that the car has been remapped very badly. The map is causing my emissions and engine management lights to show (they were taped over when I bought it) and is also making the car very uneconomical. I have...
  13. P

    ECU lower chamber seal

    Hi, the driver's footwell is flooded & I'd already removed the rubber seal under the battery. I've found the source of the new leak & it's bad. The rubber seal between the bodywork & the ECU lower chamber has split & is hanging down into the electrics below the dash. Considering the amount of...
  14. Denispearl

    ECU refurbish where ? How ? Cheapest

    Hi guys. My ECU unit started playing up. Wasn't able tostart the engine last week, then Had ECu flashed. This helped for a few days, but the issue has returned. Something engine starts and cuts off, sometimes starts, but esp and coil dash lights are flashing. Basically need to get it fixed...
  15. C

    Intermittent power loss with no fault codes

    I'd like to first declare that this is my first post on this site so bare with me lol. I have an Audi A3 1.9 TDI 105bhp which has had quite a lot of work done to it ( Reconditioned Turbo, DPF removal, Camshaft position sensor, EGR software remap, Timing belt and water pump) but I've now hit a...
  16. Slowracer

    Spare ECU, where to buy?

    can anyone recommend where to buy an ECU for a reasonable cost or preferably even a used one. Also would you know the part number for a FL sedan please.
  17. S3 Hilife

    Are these two Haldex controllers interchangeable?

    Hi guys, I’m half way through swapping my Haldex controller over for a replacement. I know there are two different designs of controller, one with circlip and one with bolt head, one has recessed fluid ports one doesn’t. Sods law I get the different one as a replacement. I’d like to know if I...
  18. Jtg1998

    Multitude of Issues

    Got an 2008 1.9tdi e A3 at the end of February, and i think it has been out of the garage about a week. Have had the egr valve, camshaft sensor and wheel hub changed. It is currently in limp mode (struggles greatly with hills), the esp light is on, the low plug light is flashing, the engine...
  19. M

    Will the A3 not turn over with a dead ECU

    My 05 A3 2.0 TDI BKD engine won't turn over so I hooked up the laptop to it and its not finding any control modules, used another cheap reader and that's the same. So the ECU looks dead but I thought the engine would still turn over just not fire up, anyone know if this is right? Thanks
  20. Jtg1998

    Trip Computer not showing

    i have a 2008 A3. I have tried true button on the bottom of the wiper stock but I seems to have no effect. The display works as it shows open door etc. Anyone have any ideas what this could be?