1. P

    Brake hose clips for rear A6 C6 Allroad

    Anyone know what clip is required for attaching the top of the hose to the hole in the body? Surprised to find the new hoses didn't come with the clip :( Cheers, Paul
  2. Dean Shirt

    A4 B9 rear brake pads/grinding noise

    Hi all, just had my car MOT’d at Audi Stoke. At the same time I had the brake fluid changed as recommended. On the visual check they advised the rear pads were 70% worn. I’m not replacing them yet. However Iv had the car about a week and it’s been fine but yesterday and today when I start the...
  3. S

    288 to 312mm brake disc upgrade!

    Hi All, Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my post! I'm after a little guidance on what I need. From all the other posts I've read I can see I need the carriers from a car with a PR code of these: 1ZA 1ZC 1ZM 1ZD 1LJ. My PR code is 1ZE. My car is a 2013 8VA 2.0TDI CRBC 150BHP Mapped...
  4. cmdv

    S4 B8/B8.5 Brake cooling DIY

    I'm in the process of upgrading my brakes to Maccan calipers. In the process thought why not have a go at doing some work on the cooling as it's clear the B8/B8.5 platform haven't really accommodated for this! What I'll do is upgrade this post as I get things done. I know others have done it...
  5. Y

    Need replacement S3 Brake Plate!

    Hi guys Pretty much self explanatory, i bought a S3 8V 2014 literally couple days ago and i noticed on 1 side it has a missing brake caliper plate. Does anyone have any spare i can buy or any used ones, it is the driver side caliper that has it missing. anything will be much appreciated!
  6. CameronS3

    Big Brake kit advice

    So just got my car back from AmD now currently stage2+ but my brakes are juddering on heavy braking assuming a warped disk so I’m looking at upgrading. Looking at the k sport 356mm 8pots kit (link below) my question is are 356 overkill and should I be looking at the 330mm? And has anyone any...
  7. W

    A3 8V 2013 (63 plate) 1.6 TDI rear brake caliper seized

    Looking around for a brake caliper with electronic handbrake motor attached but not finding any in stock anywhere, probably due to the current situation, wondering what the best websites for carparts are for Audi's to have a look for any in stock? any help appreciated! Need the drivers side...
  8. Paddyposh

    Brake Disc Backing Plate

    Hey My backing plate has decided to corrode itself and needs coming off as it is making a right racket. Is this easy enough to do or is it a garage job?
  9. B

    Rear brake line - driver side replacement

    Hi, Apparently the rear brake line is excessively corroded after just 3 years after a genuine VAG replacement. My question: does the fuel tank need to be dropped to remove/refit? I understand it passes over it but unaure if this prevents it from being pulled out. Does the entire brake system...
  10. CameronS3

    Anyone experienced Vagbremtechnic front brake kit? Or do I stick with oem and add braided lines?

    So I’m looking at giving me a little more stopping power as I’m heading towards stage 2+. Question is am I wasting money putting on new disks and pads, do I just keep oem and add some braided lines and better brake fluid ? I’ve seen the vagbremtechnic kit on awesome gti with pads, disks and...
  11. George Abouzolof

    OE Numbers

    Hi guys, Where can I find the OE numbers for my brake pads/discs. I have found the sticker on the service book in the car but that doesn't help. Any suggestions? Im looking to get new pads/discs on euro parts but they don't specify the codes. Any help? Cheers
  12. C4mbo

    Scan tool recommendations

    Morning everyone My first post on here. I was hoping for some advice on scan tools I'm going to replace my abs pump due to a goosed pressure switch. (Cheaper to change the whole pump) I've got a cheap bluetooth scan tool but I'm looking for an upgrade that will scan and activate the abs pump to...
  13. James789

    Audi S3 EPB Stuck No Ignition Cant Release

    Hi Guys I have a Audi S3 8v which has had some damage done to the steering column and some of the wiring harness/loom is missing that connects to key barrel and steering wheel I need to get the car to a garage but cant move it because theres no ignition and cant release the electronic parking...
  14. Jtg1998

    Anybody know what this sound could be?

    When driving I occasionally hear a metallic sound coming from the front drivers side wheel area, however, this is only when I'm driving slow. The first video is me trying to turn the front passenger wheel when jacked, and the second video is me trying to turn the front driver's side wheel...
  15. Billy0123

    ESP & ABS lights illuminated and handbrake light flashing.. “Brake Fault”

    Hi all, Was looking for any sort of advice or direction. So, as described in the title, they’re the symptoms. Performance wise, it’s still running absolutely fine. I’ve not felt a change in power or the brakes. I took it to an auto-electrician for a scan, and it shown: “16352 - Control...
  16. N

    Shaking while braking

    New Audi owner 2016 A6- got it from a used car dealer with 30k miles on it. Im noticing a shaking when im slowly applying brakes. The dealer replaced the rotors as it was considered to be a warped rotors issue but the issue is still persisting and really annoying. He told me to try driving for...
  17. G

    Brake Lights Warning, but working.

    I have this light on the dash but the brake lights work. What can I do ?
  18. Daniel Iversen

    986 Brake upgrade on B5, a few questions

    So, the thought of upgrading my front brakes with 986 calipers have start growing on me. I firstly found out that i would need some adapters and new lines with banjos in one end. Then as i start to research this upgrade a bit more, i read that people use the MKI TT Carriers 1J0 615 125 A where...
  19. 2

    [request] Brake bleed calliper procedure

    Anybody know the order to bleed the brakes? Thinking of flushing my brake fluid. Even better, anybody have a copy of the service manual :whistle2:
  20. SeoTFSI

    Facelift S3 Brakes upgrades

    Hi guys, Yestyerday I went to Monza circuit and i can definitely confirm that the stock brakes are very bad. After just one "fast" lap, they gave up and two slow laps were needed for cool down. Someone says that yellow pagid pads + goodridge brake lines + specific fluid are sufficent to solve...