1. S

    Audi a5 2014 Bonnet WANTED

    Hello, has anybody got a Bonnet for sale for a 2013-2016 A5? Preferably in black, Needed ASAP
  2. S

    Wanted WANTED A5 facelift 8t bonnet and headlights

    WANTED A5 facelift 8t bonnet and xenon headlights, hi all as above i require the facelift 2012 plus headlights and bumper can collect if not to far from heathrow-
  3. L

    Bonnet alignment

    My pride and joy had a fight with some roof tiles and lost. This meant I needed a new bonnet, going through Apollo, an Audi approved repair centre near me, they have done the work all be it it took nearly 4 long weeks! Now my new bonnet is slightly lower than the wings, only millimeters, but...
  4. Alexander James

    Bonnet and Boot Ring Sizes?

    Hi All, Need a bit of help here, does anyone have the measurements for their bonnet and boot rings for their TT / TTS / TTRS? Need to know for all MK1 MK2 and MK3 if anyone has! Thanks!
  5. Alexander James

    Grille and Boot Ring Sizes?

    Hi All, Does anyone know the exact boot and grill ring sizes for the A1 / S1? I need all models if poss!
  6. P.C.K

    Looking for help identifying bonnet year.

    Hey. Long story short I bought a bonnet from a scrapper for my 2010 S-Line 5 door A3 and it doesn't fit, and even though we had a deal that we could return it they didn't want it back. So now I am trying to sell it. The problem is, I am confused as to what year this bonnet is from, the only...
  7. Nagasaki

    Vent options for bonnet -

    I can see from a general search that there is a dislike for vents on our Audis, but need to address heat issues following my latest set of modifications and map. Any examples here of subtlety placed vents, or other solutions? Considering Zircotec coating of manifold back but seems as expensive...
  8. A

    Smoke from bonnet

    Hi, I’ve got an A3 diesel 58 facelift model 2L. So my turbo got changed 2 weeks ago, after the turbo got changed there was oil leaks outside my house and occasionally smoke coming out from under the bonnet. There was no smoke before the turbo fix. The mechanic fixed this, he said the oil...
  9. pj51182

    Bonnet Support Strut

    The strut that holds up the bonnet has decided to fail. Found the part on euro car parts for around £35 but wanted to see how much the VAG part was. Has anyone had the same issue and if so what replacement part did you use? If using a VAG part do you have the part number? Cheers.
  10. Will_S

    A3 8P bonnet won’t open

    I thought I would do a write up on a problem I had the day after buying my car. I pulled the bonnet release under the dash and heard a loud noise and the tension in the release went. The cable that runs though is in fact in two seperate sections connected together by a piece of plasic, Turns out...
  11. K4MR4N

    Any other way to get bonnet access

    I have an 2014 Audi A3 that needs Recovering but there is one big issue. The driver side door is jammed as it is heavily dented inwards (salvage car) The door will not open. The lever for bonnet can only be fully pulled once the door is open . So i am stuck with a car that has flat battery...
  12. karltea

    Audi S4 Cab B6 Bonnet Stuck

    Had my car in as it had bad oil intercooler seals and needed an MOT ... Garage has done both but when i asked about taking out the lights to de fog them, pulled the bonnet release and no joy :( As i was pulling the lever he said he could hear something radiator side so thinks the cable has...
  13. rhystowey

    A5 bonnet clips

    Hi, could someone please tell me where I can purchase the same clips as shown in the picture below to make the bonnet flush with the side panel as the bonnet currently sinks below (shown below). I have a 2013 A5. Thanks