1. D

    Q7 Fault codes help

    Hey folks can someone guide for the following fault codes where are these located and how to fix the climatronic unit? Are these codes related to the Aircon because my aircon stopped working and the Ac start stop button is not staying on It’s on Audi Q7 2013 diesel 3.0 Thanks
  2. L

    A4 b7 2.0tdi AC delete belt size

    Has anyone done an ac delete on a 2.0 tdi? Having trouble finding a decent belt that isnt too tight
  3. D

    Air con button does not light up & Air con not working, please help

    Can someone please give me any help/advice? My Aircon does not work in my car, it has just been regassed etc so everything should be working however the aircon button does night light up neither turn on. Someone mentioned I may need a new heating panel, anyone know what this problem may be?
  4. L

    Air con not working PLEASE HELP

    Help appreciated. A6 C6 Air con not cold. Regassed no leaks, pressure sensor changed no longer fan on constantly. Fault cleared but still same issue. Compressor seems to be coming on and no other fault codes present. Any advice? Fuses checked but any relays that I could look at?
  5. T

    Audi S4 2017 Aircon not working

    Hi all, new to the forum but I'm after some advice. I have and S4 2017 and I am having issues with the air con. The option to switch the AC on is currently greyed out. The vents will blow out air on low but the option to turn on AC is not available. Does this mean I need to replace the gas or...
  6. JamesRyder

    Help Please A4 B8 Aircon Pressure Switch Replacement

    Hi all, I had my aircon regassed recently, and the garage informed me that the aircon pressure switch is faulty and needs replacing. I've read conflicting reports on whether you need to regas the system after swapping the switch out. I've just called a garage and they informed me that they will...
  7. V6_Man

    Suggestions Needed - Anyone used APS in Brackley

    Hi guys, as the title suggests has anyone of you used APS in Brackley and if so what are your views. Google reviews suggest it is all good however, I thought I'll ask for opinions here before booking in the car with them for Aircon investigation and a possible fix on my B8.5 S4
  8. 86kotek

    Aircon issue (yet another)

    Hi all, this is my first post in here i couldnt get answers anywhere else maybe you guys can help. A3 8p 2004 BKD Aircon stopped working alltogether (wasnt great but worked) got few fuses blown, v71 flap and throttle flap all gone at the same time. I fixed all but no luck with aircon, regassed...
  9. JohnnyInamoto

    Switch off fans in the footwells at the back

    Hi all, I've just bought a 2010 Audi A6, and I'm having a little trouble accommodating passengers in the back due to my need for cool feet. Embarrassingly, I get really hot sweaty feet, and I like to have the aircon focus of my tootsies. I have a dual temperature feature so anyone on the...
  10. O

    AC Compressor Always Spinning

    Help would be extremely helpful so since I bought the car I have heard a clicking noise coming from the engine bay when driving, I decided to try find out what this was and it sounds like its coming from the ac compressor. however, the ac compressor spins all the time, I'm talking about the...
  11. Cheeks


    May be a stupid one, but is it possible to fit aircon from a model that has aircon into a model that doesn't? My a3 1.6 didn't come out the factory with it and it was just a random thought I had whilst cooking on a drive today...
  12. Sir_Bacharach

    Climate control fan speed problem.

    Hi, I have an A3 8P1 2006 model. It has single din radio so I did the research and upgraded to a double DIN unit. I took the cage and climate control unit as well as the buttons I needed from a 2004 model. I'm not sure if I'm perhaps being paranoid but when it's in AUTO mode the fans seem to...
  13. B

    Aircon Recirculation flap

    Hi all I think the recirculation flap/actuator is stuck in my A6 C6 2008 hence only getting good aircon when recirc buton is pressed. Does anyone know where it is so I can see if it is stuck ? I think I may have to remove the glovebox ..... or is it like the A8 where you can look under the...
  14. B

    Aircon again

    Hi all Is there a way of finding out what the aircon thinks the internal and external temeratures are ? The sun detector works as it kicks out some colder air but I think the aircon is not reading the internal temperature correctly as it always seems to stay the same. The car is a 57 2.7TDI...
  15. B

    AIrcon weird issue

    HI all. The aircon on my 2008 Avant 2.7TDI is doing something weird. If I start up and the engine is cold then the aircon works as expected. If I then stop the car and go shopping, when I come back to the car I have to alter it manually. I've scanned for error codes and there aren't any...