air conditioning

  1. bobby.jovel84

    Ac not working

    Hello, I took my a3 to a shop and they flushed and refilled the system and did not get any results. They told me that it needs a new compressor and relay. I cannot pay for the job because I am leaving for vacation in 2 weeks and that would obliterate what I saved. They want like $2400, to make...
  2. D


    Hey, looking for some direction with my 2008 a4 the ac is not blowing cold Giving codes p0171, p0302-4, p1602, p0905, p01826, p01794 and p0474 I’m being told the vin on a part is wrong and component protection removal is needed. Has anyone had a similar issue?
  3. M

    Air conditioning issue

    I have been having an issue with my 2014 A6 air con, and was hoping to seek some advice about what to try next. It has climate control - dual zone - basic model (not delux with glove box / separate rear zoning). As car cabin air temp wasn’t getting cold, I took it to local garage for regas...
  4. Will1893

    Hole in AC pipe

    I've just found a hole in the ac pipe on my A3 3.2 quattro 8P, more of a gouge out of the pipe really. Its about an inch long located just above the connection to the g65 sensor. Can I just get a second hand pipe and install with no problems? Or is there anything just need to know beforehand...
  5. P

    Air con electrical problem

    Any help appreciated with this problem but I’d like to ideally get relay information or a wiring or schematic diagram for my car to progress troubleshooting. A3, 2006, 2.0 TDi, DSG. Defect: Air con doesn’t get cold until driving for several miles at higher speeds. Troubleshooting so far...
  6. S

    Air Con Compressor Low Voltage

    I will keep this short! 54 plate V6 3.0 Cabriolet. AC not working. Recharged, fuses OK, new high pressure sensor. 8.4 Volts at the compressor. If I power the compressor from the battery directly with a fly lead, it clicks at works and the AC operates. So, where is the voltage being lost...
  7. ben_a38p

    ECON light (2005 model)

    Especially with the summer temperatures, my AC even on low isn’t especially cold and the ECON light doesn’t turn off. Any advice? The compressor is working thinking it might just need a re-gas? I know the facelift models have an ‘AC’ button instead but facelift have a complete different AC...
  8. DLH21

    A3 2015 8V air conditioning issue

    Hi everyone, 2015 1.4tfsi A3. I noticed this week that the air conditioning is not coming on when I press the AC switch and have now learned that I probably should have been running it all year round which is news to me but lesson learnt! When I press the air conditioning button, the light...
  9. P

    Help Please A/C doesn't work

    Hi. As the title goes I'm having problems with air con. When holding the ac button the light is lit and turns off immediately upon releasing the button. On vcds it shows that the ac pressure is at 1.2bar. The pressure sensor looks good and does not appear to leak but I've noticed something that...
  10. Craig hopkins

    A/C problems, I'm lost.

    Hi all, I've never been able to get my A/C to work on my 2002 1.9tdi AWX, first time it was due to the high pressure sensor being bad which I replaced but it had been emptied of refrigerant so couldn't test it. Had it filled up the other day and econ light now stays off (no high pressure...