a3 1.8 tfsi

  1. C


    Hello all I need my clutch replaced on my 1.8 Tsfi DSG and was wondering what I need, does anyone have part number for the clutch, and do I need a clutch kit or just the clutch? I’ve looked at the kit in the picture and was wondering if that’s suitable or overkill for just normal driving as I...
  2. S Singh

    Audi A3 S Line - S-Tronic - 1.4 or 1.8?

    Hi guys.. I'm a little new/inexperienced to cars. I am looking to purchase an Audi A3 S line - Automatic Petrol (2013-2017 version) probably sometime next year. The thing I need advice/help on is whether to get the 1.4 or 1.8 version? I've got a friend who has the A3 saloon 1.8 so he said the...
  3. DaveThaDawg

    Waterleak, major. Need some pointers.

    So my 8PA 1.8 TFSI (CDAA I think)has been having coolant leak issue. Its been max-min over the course of a week top up same again. However this evening it finally decided that it was no longer playing that game and all of the coolant decided to drain out. I filled with water to limp the...
  4. L


    would you be able to change the spoilers between different taligates? For example I have A3 s line so the spoiler on the tailgate has a little cut in the middle which makes it look nice but the tailgate itself is damaged so am buying a tailgate from eBay that’s the same colour but the spoiler is...
  5. 8

    Why was my old a3 8p more fun than my new a3 8v?

    Having had my 2014 1.8tfsi a3 sline (with sports suspension) for over a month now it is no where near as fun to drive as my older 2011 1.4tfsi a3 sline, with goodyear eagle f1 tyres and the sline suspension it felt glued to the road and could throw it into corners easily yet with my newer a3...
  6. D


    Hi guys, I've got a A3 1.8t with the ARY engine with a K04 turbo, both the engine and turbo are on their last legs ,which I knew when buying the car, the plan was to put a bam engine into it but I heard a few people say that the amk is the better engine. Need some help on which one to put in as...
  7. StefanS

    a3 1.8T 2009 EGR valve removal

    Hi, I would like to remove EGR valve . Is there a video or a semi guide how to do it ? do i need to do any changes on the ECU ? if some1 had an experience with ordering the kit for the removal from where and which is better . any ideas and tips will be welcomed . thanks a lot.
  8. J

    Audi A3 DRL Turn Signals

    Hi guys, I just recently purchased a 2014 (MY15) Audi A3 1.8 ambition with Quattro and absolutely love it but there’s just one thing I really want to change about it. The car has these amazing DRL that frame the top of the headlights but I was wondering if it would be possible for the DRL to...
  9. Sitnas

    Upgrade to touchscreen in 1.8 tfsi 2007?

    Morning all, I've recently bought an A3 1.8tfsi 2007 S line (8p) which has come with a symphony radio and Bose sound system. I want to upgrade the system as I currently can't charge my phone, play my own music or use NAV. Would something like this fit? And what kind of adapters/fittings will...
  10. Sitnas

    Stage 2 Cost?

    Afternoon guys, I've finally become the owner of a 2007 A3 TFSI 1.8. I've been driving the car now for around 3/4 days and I'm absolutely loving it! It's a fairly decent upgrade from my 2002 1.25 Fiesta! I've booked in to get the car stage 1'd which I'm pretty excited for but my only concern...
  11. AudiTurbo8

    HELP!!! 1.8TFSI Misfire at 1600rpm When Cold

    Hi guys, I have a 1.8TFSI 61 plate A3 with 60k miles. it's got FASH and has a stage 1 Revo remap. for a while it's had a problem where until it reaches 90deg, it'll hesitate at 1600rpm in every gear, and it'll carry on very faintly for the first few minutes even at that temperature. I've had it...
  12. K

    Audi MMI Update

    Hi guys got a 65 plate A3 and the nav systems maps are a bit out of date just wondering if there's any update for it?
  13. AudiTurbo8

    1.8TFSI Power Loss under Acceleration

    Hi Guys, I've got a 61 plate 1.8TFSI with 55k on the clock. I've had it remapped by Revo - ever since then when it's cold and in cold weather it would hesitate at around 1500rpm in every gear until it got warm, then power would be smooth through the rev range after a minute or so of driving...
  14. M

    A3 8p 1.8 tfsi turbo failing !?

    Hi all! I have an A3 8p sportback 1.8 tfsi 2010. After a year of mind battling pros and cons on remapping my audi and researching it, I finally decided to go with APR stage 1 ecu upgrade. It did not go the way I hoped. First, the intake side of the turbo was quite oily so the mechanic said...
  15. graham d'arcy

    Audi a3 1.8t quattro clutch replacement?

    Hi folks So I just bought a stock 1999 1.8t quattro A3. its absolutely impeccable for the year, its been looked after like a baby, the only thing i want to change is to remap it. I've been told because the car is quite heavy that if i remap it and dont change the clutch it will chew through...
  16. graham d'arcy

    Audi a3 1.8t quattro clutch replacement

    Hi folks So I just bought a stock 1999 1.8t quattro A3. its absolutely impeccable for the year, its been looked after like a baby, the only thing i want to change is to remap it. I've been told because the car is quite heavy that if i remap it and dont change the clutch it will chew through...
  17. J

    Help with Concert II+ Radio

    Hi there, I've just bought a 2008 Audi A3. Glad to become part of the club. The head unit in the car is a concert (I believe the 2+) its double DIN. There is an aux port in the center console by the lighter port but for the life of me I cant work out how to use it. I've tried pressing all of...
  18. J

    6 Speed S-tronic and towing a trailer?

    So I would need to be towing a decent sized trailer for about 1200km(750 miles) in a few weeks with my '07 6- speed S-tronic and I've heard some horror stories from my colleagues about the 7 speed not being too happy with towing but how bad is it? I have a removable tow hitch in my car so I...
  19. AudiTurbo8

    HELP!! A3 Brakes Spongy After New Pads, Discs & Multiple Bleeds

    Hi All, Sorry in advance to post this, i know multiple threads exist on this but i can't get an answer unique to my situation. I have a 61 plate 1.8TFSI A3 black edition manual 6 speed with 49k on the clock. I put new Brembo solid discs and pads on my car a couple of weeks ago, then bled them...
  20. J

    A3 Sb S-line light upgrades?

    Hey all. So I've recently bought a 2007 A3 sb S-line and already done quite a few small upgrades to it such as installed cruise control (thanks to the great guides found on here:grimacing:), automatic DRLs, and coming/leaving home lights. Now I'm looking to upgrade the halogen DRLs as well...