Wonderful roads and views - dialup beware!


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Ok, so I'm a loooooooooong way from home, this aint dear old blighty for sure..

But I was armed with a day to kill, my D200 and a bag of lenses, a love of exploring and a godawful rental car..

Dont care about the car when its a trip like this though!

Hows this for an awesome view as you drive along?! :

This one road past the view above, was about 14 uninterrupted miles of this:

And I didnt see another vehicle at all, the whole way....

There were signs all along, prohibiting stopping, for any reason at all.. you have to be kidding, right? you dont find a place like this, and NOT get out with your camera!!


my personal favourite: (hi-res version is now my desktop background)


This was an awesome drive in any car - would have been great in something decent!

so, anyone know where I am?


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oh and for the geeks: for speed, all of these were shot handheld with D200 and 18-200mm VR lens, and not in raw either as I havent got NX or CS3 etc on my company laptop and wanted to be able to play with these immediately. No PP other than minor croppery and levels. I use a Sigma f1.4 30mm and 170-500 too, but not for any of these.


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Cracking photos...

Put us out of out misery! Where were they taken?


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Yes! Great pics! The hills in one of them look like they're coated with felt!

Great stuff.

(though I also have no idea where you're at!)


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Gorgeous pics!

I'll guess it's New Zealand - I've always heard it's like a more crumpled version of the UK ;)


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ok - its southern California!

In the final photo, the water that you can see above the hills, is the water of the San Francisco bay, and the city area in the pic above that is Milpitas / San Jose

The stunning 'lake' in the mountainy area (i have loads of pics of that) is the Calaveras reservoir

and the road shots are Felter Rd and Calaveras Road from Milpitas to Pleasanton..

ANd now Ive found it on the map, and realised that there are hundreds of miles of this to explore, i'm a happier bunny about being out here!

count the corners on this road with the view..



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That looks *exactly* like the south island of New Zealand.

The first picture reminds me of the area north of Christchurch and the brown 'velvet' hills more of Otago and Dunedin. Great pics.