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I know this has been posted but all the diagrams I have clicked on say 'image no longer available '

Brand new to this site so go easy on me please!

I have an 8l and I don't think its the bose system I have, just the standard. Keep seeing people say the amp is opposite side of boot to the sub but that side has a solid piece of metal there.
I have pult out the sub box and it had a little chipboard kind of thing inside it. Any idea what that is?

Is the amp hiding behind the sub box?

Has anyone got a diagram for what the wires on the chipboard are for? I have a red black blue and brown wire going to the original bass speaker, understand the red and black but what is the blue and brown for??

Wil attach pictures so you can see what I mean. Have been searching hours for answers i just hope someone can help while i have my car in pieces ☹

Minds blown so any more info needed just ask


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To tell if you have Bose there are a couple of things. BOSE logos should be on your speaker grilles (but they could have been removed). The headunit normally says “BOSE” on the lcd screen when you first turn on the radio or ignition (But that can be coded in/out). Another way to check is to open the two rear cubby holes in the boot. On the left hand side you will have a subwoofer. If you can see one big speaker cone in the subwoofer, you have BOSE. There is a sticker on it somewhere too to confirm. On the right hand side of the boot, the other cubby hole houses a metal amplifier. That will have the Bose logo on it. If you do not have Bose there is no amplifier on the right hand side at all, and the subwoofer has two smaller speaker cones in it and has the Audi (4 rings logo) on the grille.

If you do have Bose equipment, the system runs at a different impedance (2 Ohms instead of 4 Ohms) and some after-market parts are not directly compatible.

Hope that helps.
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