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One of my mate wants to do a swap on my 1.8t 190 quattro sportline avant.I'm really tempted but i think it will depend on the price of insurance ,just waiting for them to get back to work so i can get a quote .He has a 2005 wrx impreza with a prodrive performance pack .Its got fsh (most of it prodrive,it was origanally a prodrive owned car )only done 50k with no boy racers ,it looks and sounds fantastic ,i've owned an impreza before and i am well aware they are a bit tinny compared to audi and the interiors let them down a bit but you get a lot of perfomance for the money.The insurance might be stupidly high even more than the sti because the prodrive pack is regarded as a modification where as the sti is tuned by the manufacture.Do you guys think it is a good swop,mine has done 82k with fsh and is in fantastic condition.Iknow the subaru is a marmite car you either love it or hate it but would be interested in your opinions.Thanks Rog

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Sounds like the value of the vehicles is much the same. Your choice obviously, if you have drive a scooby and liked it then why not.


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Any pics of the scooby. If it's similar priced and value would be personal choice.
What is the value of the scooby and yours?


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Decided to stay with the Audi,the insurance companies have done my head in they either decline to quote because the prodrive pack is a modification or they load the price by stupid amounts .If it was a standard wrx the quote was around £580 or up to £1200 because of the prodrive pack and it only increases bhp from 225 to around 260 they all sounded very anti any modification and are really going to make you pay through the nose for it,its put me off doing anything to my car .


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pheww Rog i'm glad you are sticking with the ring's...