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Hi Guys,

Just got my vag-com 409.1 USB cable through today lights up ok installed drivers ok done the led test and got the response port status: OK led test complete.
But when i hit the test button i get port status: OK Interface: No Found
any ideas guys...???
Also i've noticed that looking at the vag-com cable only pins 2,4,5,7,10,15 & 16 are connected and pins 4 & 5 seem to stick out slightly more than the others and looking more closley at the the purple comms connector at the back of the centre console where it plugs into i've noticed that i can only see pins shining through for 1,4,5,7,16 connected is there a reason for this..??
please don't tell me that i've got the wrong cable.
Any info plz


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I have but i bought it on ebay from hong Kong so i'll be surprised if they actually understand what i'm saying that's the reason i thought i would ask in here as well just incase someone has the same type of connection.


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Just noticed what was wrong it was setup to use comport 30 i changed that to comport 4 worked a treat :)


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Ok folks does this mean that my MAF is on it's way out..??
as the problem i have does seem to be intermittent i get about a two or three second complete dead spot now and again and sometimes a rough idle till i give it a well..?

VAG-COM Version: Release 409.1-US

Chassis Type: 8L - Audi A3/S3
Scan: 01,02,03,08,15,17,22,35,37,45,54,55,56

Address 01: Engine
Controller: 06A 906 018 CD
Component: 1,8l R4/5V MOTR HS V01
Coding: 04000
Shop #: WSC 06435
1 Fault Found:
16486 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70): Signal too Low
P0102 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent
Readiness: N/A


Don't have anymore info as i'll have to register vag-com but i originally didn't want to until i knew that it did work.
I take it registering allows me to test alot more functions then will i need more info before i can't definatley say it's the MAF on it's way out?