Think about getting a 3.2 v6, should I?


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Got a nice 3.2 for sale if your interested. On 56 plate manual 5 door sportback in dark grey, xenon, electric seats, auto rain\light, leather, rear door blinds, bluetooth, mfsw, armrest, cars done 70k 2 keys and full service history. Pm me if interested.

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+1 for the 3.2 owners post , just starting to re - discover my car , after a couple of years ownership the bug has bitten again .
Just got a nice solid alloy gear lever , genuine Audi , also the R8 oil cap and Porsche coolant cap , I also got a Cupra splitter but not too sure about that yet , I keep offering it up then putting it away , my bumper is the sport version , as mentioned , it would look better on the S line front end .
These bits are in addition to the alloy pedals , painted calipers , arm rest , A3 mats , & various badges I have already fitted .
I got a set of door inserts in alloy to swap for my black ones too but they were a bit tatty so I had a go at covering them with brushed alloy vinyl , so far so good , it wasn't quite as easy as I thought though .


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I think so I certainly do and it's a great thing however only something to play with your mates at a set of lights or to show off to a passenger as it revs the tittz of the car and then when you release the brake there is a delay before the car takes off so you can't really use it ever day plus I heard the launching is set at a max of 200 to save the clutch ....


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Mine has it but find it unless because of the delay. I prefer sitting there all quite then foot to the floor, no delay that way.


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Launch control will cause less damage and stress on a dsg than it would if you had a manual car and did a standing start. It can be remapped for a higher launch rpm if you do so desire, i think mine is 4500 or 4700rpm.

I would recommend the 3.2, i've had turbos inc a 400+bhp mr2 turbo and find the 3.2 a good compromise, it's reasonably quick, quite sensible, and having no turbo removes the temptation to keep modifying.


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Had a 54 plate 3.2 sport for 7 years and loved it. Cons 25mpg on average, 280 road tax, heavy front end, bad to modify performance wise. Pros lovely sound and power delivery, its a V6, understated. No where near as rapid as my S3, go for an sline as I got the sport and wished id shopped around as the sline looks so much better. I had the half leather which is a minimum imo.

Need to check for timing chain noise / issues as this is a big job 1500!!!

Happy hunting.