Symphony to ipod


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Hi Guys,

Ive had a quick search but nothing relevant...

I have an Audi A4 B6 Cab, with the symphony 6 disc HU. Whats the best way to conect an ipod to it?




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You will need an ipod interface that plugs into the CD changer socket on the back of the HU. I bought this one:

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There is other makes around, some cost more and some are cheaper, I went for the Dice one as it has a 3.5mm AUX as well. Dension do one too and I THINK it displays track information on the DIS, at the time it was too expensive and depending on where you have the wire for the iPod you can see the track info on the ipod screen so its kind of pointless having it on the DIS.

I have a Concert HU btw, but that Dice interface works on all the Audi head units.


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you can buy a fake tape that has a headphone jack for £1 in Poundland that will do the job same messy 1 wire connected to your iphone/ipod etc etc