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Suspension Help !

Emir Demirovski Apr 19, 2020


Which one would you choose ?

  1. ABT Sportsline Coilovers

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  2. TA Technix Air Suspension

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  1. Emir Demirovski

    Emir Demirovski Registered User

    Hi, so i have a set of ABT Sportsline Coilovers(which are also for sale).
    Bought them mainly so i don't rub in the rear. I never got around fitting them, but found out that i need to replace my knuckle so i can fit them since they are 55mm and mine are 50mm.
    Recently found a set of TA Technix Air suspension, second hand, everything in working order and a really good price. Can't decide if i should get the Air Suspension set or keep the Coilovers. Can't find any reviews on either one of the sets. With the Air i probably would get more comfort and to be honest it's kinda fun looking, in terms of handling i know the coils would be way better but ride should be harsher than air. I daily drive my car, and pretty hard. It's still a diesel and not much power but i find it fun since it is my first car.
    Anyone share their thoughts on this ?
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  3. SootySport

    SootySport Registered User

    Air suspension is not at all popular in the UK so there’s not much knowledge here. ABT stuff is as good as OE so I would fit that but do it properly with shortened drop links and anything else recommended by ABT.
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