1. N

    A3 8v 1.8 Quattro coilovers 50mm or 55mm strut

    Hi guys, I about to order adjustable coilovers for my A3 1.8 Quattro. There are 2 option 50mm or 55mm. Which one is suitable? Hope to get inputs from you guys. Many thanks!
  2. L

    A3 oem suspension

    Hi, I’ve got a 2010 a3 technik 3dr. Wondering if I can somehow fit coil overs like from the s line or s3 to lower the car but keep it oem? I’d like something comfortable still but a little sportier - and reliable. what’s my best choice? And where would I get them from? Cheers
  3. D

    Which coilovers to get? (Around £800)

    Hi all, I've got a 1.8tfsi s-line which I've recently put 19"s 8.5j on. I'm looking for coilovers for her but not sure what to get. Wanted to get some ideas and advice if possible. Not looking to slam it but get the wheel closer to the arch, so possibly a 30/40mm drop. Also wanted to...
  4. MarijZ

    19” rims or 18”? Coilovers od sport suspension?

    Hey everyone I want to fit probably 19” wheels on my b6 avant… i want to know what it feels like and if the car looses on power over the smaller wheels… i also want to know if i should stick with the sport suspension or put some coilovers on it… i want the car to be pretty comfortable (i dont...
  5. I

    Vogtland Coilovers vs KW v2 Coilovers from a Scirocco

    Hi all, I want to lower my 2008 a3 8pa down which is on standart suspension at the moment so it is quite high. I want a drop around 40 mm all around. I live in Turkey, in my local area I found a secondhand KW v2 coilover out from a scirocco. The serial number was kw 152 80 094. I know scirocco...
  6. Emir Demirovski

    Suspension Help !

    Hi, so i have a set of ABT Sportsline Coilovers(which are also for sale). Bought them mainly so i don't rub in the rear. I never got around fitting them, but found out that i need to replace my knuckle so i can fit them since they are 55mm and mine are 50mm. Recently found a set of TA Technix...
  7. G

    Coilovers soon, few questions

    Going to be ordering coil overs soon for my a3 , while I’ve got all 4 corners dismantled is there anything I should be replacing or would benefit from being upgraded, like any bushes known for going bad? Also if there anyway of telling what strut size I need, 50mm or 55mm, without taking mine...
  8. Chris Skelton

    A6 Allroad suspension replacement.

    OK, I love the A6 Allroad 2.5tdi, (I have three of them!) but I've had it to the back teeth with the poxy airbag suspension system so I want to rip the whole lot out and replace it with coilovers. Here's the rub though; I DONT want it lowered to the point its scraping on the deck. These are my...
  9. o_dungey

    S3 v-Maxx coilovers

    Hi, is anyone running v-maxx coilovers and if so are they any good? I had a scout of the forum but couldn’t really find much on them, cheers :icon thumright:
  10. T

    Avant suspension

    Hi guys got a b6 1.9tdi, does anyone know if b6 and b7 avant share the same struts and springs? Got a b6 lowered on coil overs that I’m looking to return to standard
  11. G


    Hi I have a 3dr s3 8p facelift. Looking to buy ap coilovers. Can people show me how low they go?! Thanks
  12. T

    Lowering my Audi A4 B8 HELP!!!

    Hi there, I am new to the car scene and I have deciding I want to lower my Audi on 19inch wheels and coilovers, not decker just so the wheel arch gap is closed and on top of the wheel. I am needing help on doing this, I need to know what I have to run wheel size and spacers etc.. Any help...
  13. Slowracer

    Saloon Kw DDC Coilovers, anyone using ?

    Anyone using this fully adjustable setup, keen to hear your feedback. I find the suspension damping to be poor on the RS3 (I have mag ride). It feels crashy over bigger bumps. Also I noticed coming off car park speed bumps the car bounced a few times coming off the bump. The KW DDC is fully...
  14. K

    Help - Replacement Front Drop Links for Car lowered with Coilovers

    Coilovers strike again ! I have (I think) FK coilovers which have different front drop links to OEM. My car has failed its MOT due to failure of these - the garage can't source replacements as they don't have a part number or equivalent and their suppliers can't match them by length. Has...
  15. L

    2008 8P2 1.9TDI S-Line Strut size?

    Hello, I recently bought a 2008 A3 S-Line, 1.9TDI. Anyone know what strut size that would be? Already bought 55mm coilovers because I initially was misinformed from another website and thought I had a facelift model, but after seeing a post on here somewhere, I realised it's an 8p2... I'm...
  16. C

    2002 A3 8L APG mods

    Okay. Sorry if these are already answered but I can't find the answers anywhere. I'm looking into doing a few things short term, - Bigger/Better brakes - Coilovers - Rims - Exhaust And long term, of course is always turbo. Can anyone point me in the right direction for these? I can't...
  17. ben whetnall

    Avant coilovers

    Hi guys I think I already know the answer to this but I have a fwd b7 a4 avant and I have been offered a cheap set of very expensive coilovers but they are for a b7 s4 so my question is will they fit in pretty sure the fronts will but unsure on the rears ? Tia
  18. S

    KW coilover

    Have a guy selling these coilovers: KW V1 INOX Line They are second hand and roughly done 10-15k.....his asking £330 for them, seems like a great deal, my current s3 has standard suspension and I have been battling a knocking noise for some time when going over uneven road, am wondering if...
  19. Tuggdini

    Jom coilovers

    Question I have just recently installed jom coilovers sitting at about 75mm but my anti roll bar is catching on the drivers side drive shaft and rubbing what can anybody suggest I have read about buying the audi tt arb from audi would I also have to buy the adjustable drop links also
  20. A

    Any recommended mods on my A4 B8 TDi?

    Just wondering if anyone else has done some mods on their Audi A4 B8 TDi (143). This was an SE model and I have already fitted the car with the S-line Front and Rear bumper along with the S4 Honeycomb Grill at the front. I currently have the car in the body shop where they are currently...