1. I

    Vogtland Coilovers vs KW v2 Coilovers from a Scirocco

    Hi all, I want to lower my 2008 a3 8pa down which is on standart suspension at the moment so it is quite high. I want a drop around 40 mm all around. I live in Turkey, in my local area I found a secondhand KW v2 coilover out from a scirocco. The serial number was kw 152 80 094. I know scirocco...
  2. Emir Demirovski

    Suspension Help !

    Hi, so i have a set of ABT Sportsline Coilovers(which are also for sale). Bought them mainly so i don't rub in the rear. I never got around fitting them, but found out that i need to replace my knuckle so i can fit them since they are 55mm and mine are 50mm. Recently found a set of TA Technix...
  3. G

    Coilovers soon, few questions

    Going to be ordering coil overs soon for my a3 , while I’ve got all 4 corners dismantled is there anything I should be replacing or would benefit from being upgraded, like any bushes known for going bad? Also if there anyway of telling what strut size I need, 50mm or 55mm, without taking mine...
  4. Chris Skelton

    A6 Allroad suspension replacement.

    OK, I love the A6 Allroad 2.5tdi, (I have three of them!) but I've had it to the back teeth with the poxy airbag suspension system so I want to rip the whole lot out and replace it with coilovers. Here's the rub though; I DONT want it lowered to the point its scraping on the deck. These are my...
  5. o_dungey

    S3 v-Maxx coilovers

    Hi, is anyone running v-maxx coilovers and if so are they any good? I had a scout of the forum but couldn’t really find much on them, cheers :icon thumright:
  6. T

    Avant suspension

    Hi guys got a b6 1.9tdi, does anyone know if b6 and b7 avant share the same struts and springs? Got a b6 lowered on coil overs that I’m looking to return to standard
  7. G


    Hi I have a 3dr s3 8p facelift. Looking to buy ap coilovers. Can people show me how low they go?! Thanks
  8. T

    Lowering my Audi A4 B8 HELP!!!

    Hi there, I am new to the car scene and I have deciding I want to lower my Audi on 19inch wheels and coilovers, not decker just so the wheel arch gap is closed and on top of the wheel. I am needing help on doing this, I need to know what I have to run wheel size and spacers etc.. Any help...
  9. Slowracer

    Saloon Kw DDC Coilovers, anyone using ?

    Anyone using this fully adjustable setup, keen to hear your feedback. I find the suspension damping to be poor on the RS3 (I have mag ride). It feels crashy over bigger bumps. Also I noticed coming off car park speed bumps the car bounced a few times coming off the bump. The KW DDC is fully...
  10. K

    Help - Replacement Front Drop Links for Car lowered with Coilovers

    Coilovers strike again ! I have (I think) FK coilovers which have different front drop links to OEM. My car has failed its MOT due to failure of these - the garage can't source replacements as they don't have a part number or equivalent and their suppliers can't match them by length. Has...
  11. L

    2008 8P2 1.9TDI S-Line Strut size?

    Hello, I recently bought a 2008 A3 S-Line, 1.9TDI. Anyone know what strut size that would be? Already bought 55mm coilovers because I initially was misinformed from another website and thought I had a facelift model, but after seeing a post on here somewhere, I realised it's an 8p2... I'm...
  12. C

    2002 A3 8L APG mods

    Okay. Sorry if these are already answered but I can't find the answers anywhere. I'm looking into doing a few things short term, - Bigger/Better brakes - Coilovers - Rims - Exhaust And long term, of course is always turbo. Can anyone point me in the right direction for these? I can't...
  13. ben whetnall

    Avant coilovers

    Hi guys I think I already know the answer to this but I have a fwd b7 a4 avant and I have been offered a cheap set of very expensive coilovers but they are for a b7 s4 so my question is will they fit in pretty sure the fronts will but unsure on the rears ? Tia
  14. S

    KW coilover

    Have a guy selling these coilovers: KW V1 INOX Line They are second hand and roughly done 10-15k.....his asking £330 for them, seems like a great deal, my current s3 has standard suspension and I have been battling a knocking noise for some time when going over uneven road, am wondering if...
  15. Tuggdini

    Jom coilovers

    Question I have just recently installed jom coilovers sitting at about 75mm but my anti roll bar is catching on the drivers side drive shaft and rubbing what can anybody suggest I have read about buying the audi tt arb from audi would I also have to buy the adjustable drop links also
  16. A

    Any recommended mods on my A4 B8 TDi?

    Just wondering if anyone else has done some mods on their Audi A4 B8 TDi (143). This was an SE model and I have already fitted the car with the S-line Front and Rear bumper along with the S4 Honeycomb Grill at the front. I currently have the car in the body shop where they are currently...
  17. B

    B7 RS4: Is it time for coilovers?

    Hi all, new to the forum and to the car, I suspect the car has the usual DRC issues but just wanted to confirm. So the car feels slightly bouncy/floaty over bumps and dips in the road as if there is little or no damping action, and sometimes mid corner if I hit a bump the steering can judder...
  18. H

    A3 Quattro 170 TDI

    hi there needing some advice..... I am currently about to buy some AP coilovers for my 2008 8p A3 Quattro.... does the car have rear top mounts? And is it advisable to upgrade the front& rear anti roll bar??
  19. JoshYblack59

    apex rdx

    hi just after some advice on what coilovers to buy.. I've owned a mk4 golf for 3 years and started off with fks which I though was ok needed up putting ap coilovers on it I think they are great.. the time has come to lower my dakar beige a3 sportback qauttro I'm in two minds if i
  20. B

    A3 Quattro Sport V6 - Suspension setups

    Hi everyone, first post on the site so here goes. I have a 2004 3.2v6 Quattro Sport. The rear dampners are leaking oil and need replacing, my local gargage can replace with OEM for around £250 but it has got me thinking about upgrading to coilovers. I know next to nothing about this but my...